Friday, August 17, 2012

Jerry Bruckheimer

Hello everyone, I was all set and ready to publish what I had posted when everything disappeared, just like that. You know when I told you that my laptop crashed, my brother in law found an abandoned laptop for my use. The only problem with this laptop is that it is old and has issues. In fact the key pads have a mind of their own. Well a beggar has no choice I am stuck with this till I get a new lappy or fix my old one.

Anyways today I decided to talk about my HERO after watching an episode of  CSI. I have always loved Jerry Bruckhiemer's work, but never taken the time to check him out. Well I did that today and I was amazed. let me fill you in:

Jerry Bruckheimer born September 21, 1945, son of a German-Jewish immigrant, born in America. Graduated with a degree in psychology from University of Arizona with an algebra minor. In 1970 he started producing films. From 2010, Bruckheimer has produced over 40 feature films and is regarded in the industry as one of the most successful film producer of all time. His production: eleventh hour, CSI Crime Scene Investigation, CSI Miami, CSI:NY, Cold Case etc.

2007 he was ranked number 39 on Forbes Celebrity 100 list As of 2011 his net worth: $850 million...

I can go on and on, about this guy but men I love his work and I love his achievements. He is in entertainment and that is my forte... From Watching Michael Phelps and the American female athletics team in the Olympics I can see determination, focus and strong will....

We all need this in our every day life... what ever we do we should just focus on the light at the end of the tunnel and not the obstacles at the beginning... As I speak this, I know I am not good at this at all, I must confess. I usually give up after the first try, but little by little I have to learn that I must continue no matter how many times I try, till I finally succeed.

I hope this all makes sense and we can put it to work. Do take care of yourselves and have a lovely day... Make sure you make a difference always.

Enjoy your weekend.

N/B: For more info on Jerry Bruckheimer: wikipedia... That's where I got my info from.