Monday, March 25, 2013

Rivers State/ Tribe Ijaw

Good morning every body so this week we continue our different tribes in Nigeria... Its time for my tribe. I will also try not to be to partial and try not to be to hard because this is so dear to my heart..

The Rivers State people especially the Riverine areas (villages and towns surrounded by water, sea, etc) are very clean. I know it is a taboo in my place to use the bowl/bucket used in the toilets in the kitchen as well. In fact it is not allowed into the kitchen.

 They are very English in their ways if you know what I mean (this is attributed to their early interaction with the white)

They are rich...(water is a source of wealth, easy access to internationally trade)...

 The men make sure they are properly dressed, the women as well. There is a certain pride in them when they know they are properly dressed.

We are very rich in culture, women save their wealth in gold, corals and wrappers.

There is this saying that a lot of the men who relocate to Port Harcourt end up marrying Port Harcourt girls..(note Temi is a victim of Why? I guess maybe it has to do with our delicacies.. We have a lot of beautiful, delicious, expensive dishes that when served to a man, he most certainly will forget his own name.

We are one of the best swimmers in the world, wish our government would realize that and work towards getting us to represent Nigeria in the Olympics.

I hear fertility is very high amongst males and females and it has been attributed to the sea food that we eat almost on a daily basis....

Down side

Our pride/ego is so big especially with the men that it hinders them from learning anything...when you can't learn you can't grow, when you can't grow you can't make money.

Promiscuity is very hard. I find it annoying that I should have kids for different men...why should I even have a kid for a man when he can't even take care of himself. What is going to happen to my unborn child? I wish the women will learn a lot from the Igbo women who will make sure they squeeze enough out of the men to be able to take care of themselves and their family.

Down side of oil being discovered: everybody's focus is on it, and this goes to the whole of Nigeria. Now there are a lot more things that can come out from the islands other than oil.... Bonny Island can have one of the largest paper manufacturing company in the world...because of the pulp leaves which just lie fallow in the creeks.

Above all I love my tribe and my people, I have a lot of great plans for them and I hope I can accomplish them before I died.

Wish you all a wonderful week and make sure you achieve something great this week.

P.S. will like to say thank you to all those that read "Kemka's story... thank you for your comments, emails, whatsapp messages, Facebook messages, text messages and phone calls. Kemka's mother is really grateful.