Saturday, October 8, 2011


Hello everyone.
Its been a while I have posted and even commented on the blogs I follow. Pele.. I have just been busy I now have a 9 to 5 job.. LOL... (I mean my bag making lessons).

Its been taking a lot of my time. I leave the house very early and then I get how late. Men!!!! I don't know how women do this, saddled with kids and a husband to look after, day in day out. They sure try. I can't do this for long, I will surely collapse. I now know why I am a big campaigner of BYOB (Be your own Boss).

Anyways in a few days I will upload the picture of my first bag. Its shabby though but I am so in love with it, cos it just shows that there is no turning back.

Also, over time my ideology about bags have really changed. They are delicate and need a lot of time in other for you to get it right. This I am learning and loving it.

So how r u guys?
how has the weekend been?
For me I have been trying to sort myself out.
I had to go to the market in the rain... "Christ it was so disgusting". But what could I do. I had left Temi foodless for over a week. Need to redeem myself before I am sent back to my parents house..(loll).

Anyways do take care of yourself and have a lovely weekend.

P.S. " Saying a big welcome to my new followers. Also just to warn you that I think my blog has a new design. I have been tampering with it again. I am not sure. The thing I hate the most bout this new look is that I may not be able to see my followers again... that's so bad...
Hmm will see what can be done.

Anyways take care of yourself once again.



  1. I like the new look, and i cant wait to see the new bag. hurry up with the pics, pretty pls :)

  2. looking forward to pics of the bag don't keep us in suspense for too long :)

  3. We are glad to have you back :)

  4. would love to see the new bag too. congrats o. i also changed my blog look initially to this but had to change it back cos i couldn't see my followers and other gadgets :-(. but it's a nice look

  5. cant wait to see the bad. i think i prefer the former look

  6. I just tagged you in the lovely and versatile blog award. pls check my blog for details

  7. I love the new look, very techno like.

  8. Well-done o!! Glad to have you back:). I'm happy you hate the 9-5 thing. Nigeria needs more self employed people. I cant wait to see your bag!
    As for the blogs new look I'm with Luciano. I prefer the simplicity of the old look.