Wednesday, February 13, 2013


Just before I gave birth to my daughter I was weighing 95kg, meaning I had gained a lot  considering I weighed 55kg before I became pregnant ie (gaining appr. 40 kg). During the last stage of the pregnancy, I stopped looking at the scale each time I went to the hospital. I was afraid I had gotten up to a hundred kilos. Anyways when I gave birth I was determined to loose the weight, thereby learning a lot from the experience. You aren't allowed to exercise until after your 6 weeks check up, so I just changed my diet, note  I didn't go on a diet as I was breastfeeding, I just had a lifestyle change. Instead of fizzy drinks I took water. Instead of white rice I ate brown rice. Instead of white bread I ate wheat bread with peanut butter, instead of a lot of carbs I took more proteins like beans and a lot of unripe plantain porridge.

I had my cheat days though: those days I will drink a bottle or two of coca cola, maybe sometimes have a little ice cream, eat white rice, or white bread etc. After my 6 weeks check up, I started my exercise, now my dears I learnt that exercising and changing one's habit isn't as easy as it looks... There were days when I will just decide I can't do it any more but I had made a vow that when my daughter is born I will learn to eat right and teach her also how to, this kept me going... I am still struggling with the fizzy drinks as I used to be a coke addict averaging about 5 bottles of coca cola a day.

Right now I weigh 63kg meaning I have lost about 30kg. I am very impressed with myself, giving myself a tap on the

Like I said eating right isn't very easy,one just has to take it one day at a time, and that is what I have been doing. I hope I  am able to keep my good diet as it also has helped with the growth of my hair and finger nails, truly what you take in produces results...

I will have to stop here for now as I can't wait to lay my head on the pillow.

Please tell me about your weight struggles if you have had any before and how you dealt with yours.
Do take care of yourself and have a good night's rest.