Saturday, March 27, 2010


Hello whats up lilies? I just want to say thank you to all those who have encouraged me in the past and who encourage me every time I write something. Thank you very much.....
The last time I told you how I was feeling very moody and sad, but you won't believe it, God did something miraculous in my life. In sound of music the Reverend Mother told Maria this: " Sometimes when the doors are closed the Lord opens the windows", and this is very true. I got a call that a proposal I submitted for a translation job had been accepted. Imagine me I stood against big names in the industry and God worked his wonders for me. I think it was just His way of telling me not to give up but continue, thereby reaffirming my faith in my destiny, to be my own boss. I just want to use my story to encourage someone out there, it may take a while, or sometimes the obstacles are too much to bear, don't worry so long as you believe in it, God is with you. I will not talk too much today because it is "weekend" and I don't work on "weekends", that's the time my baby and I spend time together, it's our family time......but before I go I will like to leave you with this advice
: " Whatever you want to do in life, be it a career or a business or a family make sure you have a passion for it, so that when the hurdles come you can stand and face the storm, cos believe me the hurdles will surely come". Take care........

Thursday, March 25, 2010


You know there are just some days when you don't feel right. Your mood is terrible and you are wondering are you good enough? Today I feel that way. I woke up happy and excited, but it was short lived. I got a mail this morning that an assignment I had submitted didn't make it. Questions ran through my head like.......How good am I in what I do? Is it that I don't know what I am doing? Maybe I am not good enough to venture into this world alone. Maybe I am not cut out to be a writer. Maybe I should just pack up my bag and forget all this talk about being my own boss, doing my own thing and making money from it.
Right now the encourager needs encouragement. The writer needs inspiration, the wife needs love, the woman needs acceptance, the child needs to know that she is good, hardworking and can do anything she sets her heart to do. As it stands I am confused and I don't know what to do or say. How do I start all over? What do I do? I put a lot into this, only for me to loose it.........Oh God help me. You are the only one that can console me..........

Monday, March 15, 2010


Everyday I read about extraordinary things people do and things being accomplished and I wonder what is wrong with me. Why can't I do what they are doing? Sometimes it very clear what I want in life, but when the pressure comes I don't know what I want any more. I know I want to be different things, I know I want to be a writer, but as it stands now my back aches so badly, I haven't even had my first salary as a writer, the contract I was hoping for doesn't seem to be forth coming. I say to myself is it worth it. I want to be very rich, travel the world, make an impact in the world, but as it stands, I am not even sure what I have in my bank account. How then can I travel the world? Make an impact in the world? I see a blogger and then I hear, oh she has 20,000 followers daily and then I say to myself what does she write that I cannot write. People who are at the very top, what do they do that I do not? How many heads do they have? How many cells do they have in their brains?
Often times we get so discouraged that we don't want to continue again. We are so frustrated that life just doesn't seem fair. Someone said that sometimes reality is to painful to bare, sometimes illusion is the way forward. Yes we can have choose to live in a fantasy world or we can chose to see reality as it is and try to make the most of it.
After my hours of self pity, I have risen to tell you that no matter what I am not giving up. I have a passion for what I am doing and I will continue to do it. I know nothing good comes easy, but I will develop the patience to wait.
Everybody has one life time to live, make sure you achieve all that you set out to do, before it is to late.
P.s: this week do something extraordinary. Pick up that book and read, enroll for that course, start that business, learn how to drive a car or ride a power bike. Whatever you have a passion for do it now before it is too late.

Saturday, March 6, 2010


Hello, everybody i am so sorry i haven't been in touch and i am very sorry about it, but i want to promise you that i will not stay away this long ago. I am here today to talk about some extraordinary news i just received a while ago. I found out that a woman in lagos who had been selling akara (beans cake) for a living, has been able to use this means to feed her children, pay their school fees (in good private schools), build her house and take care of herself. I asked my self how could this be? For me this is one of the most fascinating story i have ever heard. The woman said that she makes between fifteen thousand Naira to forty thousand Naira a day. How is this possible? if she makes let's say fifteen thousand Naira a day in a month she earns four hundred and fifty thousand Naira, that's the salary for an average oil company staff, she earns even higher than a banker. If she makes twenty thousand Naira a day in a month she earns six hundred thousand Naira, if she makes forty thousand Naira a day in one month she earns 1,200,000naira. Unbelieveable. There are a lot of incredible things happening in this country. If she makes that amount does she need to work for anybody? if you ask me i will say a big NO. Nobody is going to pay her that amount.
After listening to this story i am here to talk about the opportunities in this country. In spite of the corruption, the poverty, the fraud success sprouts out from corners one never sees.
I take my leave now. I am going to think of my life and the things i can do to make money. The insignificant things that are being over looked but very useful. I urge you to go and search for what you can do. Everybody has something insignificant that the creator has given, look for it and you will find it.
Please note this: " women are the best people to invest in".