Saturday, March 27, 2010


Hello whats up lilies? I just want to say thank you to all those who have encouraged me in the past and who encourage me every time I write something. Thank you very much.....
The last time I told you how I was feeling very moody and sad, but you won't believe it, God did something miraculous in my life. In sound of music the Reverend Mother told Maria this: " Sometimes when the doors are closed the Lord opens the windows", and this is very true. I got a call that a proposal I submitted for a translation job had been accepted. Imagine me I stood against big names in the industry and God worked his wonders for me. I think it was just His way of telling me not to give up but continue, thereby reaffirming my faith in my destiny, to be my own boss. I just want to use my story to encourage someone out there, it may take a while, or sometimes the obstacles are too much to bear, don't worry so long as you believe in it, God is with you. I will not talk too much today because it is "weekend" and I don't work on "weekends", that's the time my baby and I spend time together, it's our family time......but before I go I will like to leave you with this advice
: " Whatever you want to do in life, be it a career or a business or a family make sure you have a passion for it, so that when the hurdles come you can stand and face the storm, cos believe me the hurdles will surely come". Take care........


  1. about the hurdles coming, u can say that again.we must always remember that when the going gets tough, the tough gets going.
    we go dey go o!

  2. Thats great news.Keep on girl and we wouldn't give up either on our dreams...