Tuesday, August 16, 2011


Hi everyone..again I am sorry. It's just as though I have been so busy to write or post..
I have just sent one of my books for editing and I am hoping the editor will love it. I am also sending the second one to a friend of mine. So hopefully, keeping fingers crossed I will have a published book by the end of this year or let's say next year...

Anyways back to the topic of today..."Precious"..

How many of you have seen the movie... I just saw it yesterday and I cried.

Precious had a horrible life...
The worse part for me was having 2 children for her father..
How sad..
Her mother didn't help matters as she abused her verbally and physically.
I was grieved when at the end she was told that she was HIV+

Do you know that there are a lot of "Preciouses" in Nigeria, but what is sad is that we hide it.
We ostracize the women who have been raped...

A lady that works for me said her husband left her for his cousin..I couldn't believe it. I had to ask if he knew and she said that he knew... this is incest..
It happens here, but we turn the order way saying this only happens outside Nigeria.

I can remember a program on the radio where a girl called in and said that she had been raped by her sister's husband. Some of the people that called said that it was the little girl's fault. How can it be your fault that you where raped? They said that she seduced the man. They didn't care that this girl was just about 12 years and had been traumatized. For she couldn't imagine a man old enough to be her father raping her.

I think it is time for us to start talking..
I think it is time for women to start fighting for the Right to speak and the Right to be heard...
I think it is time we stop covering up everything and tell the truth.
Mothers should be able to be there for their daughters who had been raped.
Fathers should act as fathers and not as uncaring humans.

Do have a lovely week.

Notez Bien : Counter Kulture on the 20th of August @ the dome, Lekki Phase 1, Lagos. 2pm... Fashion, Music, Drama, Lifestyle, Food. Be there.

Lastly I will like to say welcome to our new followers. I hope you have fun.


  1. I haven't seen precious, but what you have said is the truth, our society is one that blames the victim.

    Good look with your books? what are they about? short stories? Fiction? Reality? I am intrigued.

  2. Good luck with your books! By God's grace, you'll be highly favored!!!

    I've seen precious and it was so sad...and you're right...people have to speak up and stand up for the people (men and women) that are being sexually abused...no more brushing it under the carpet...

  3. Good luck with your book(s)!

    I never saw Precious but thats because i read Push (the novel Precious is based off of) when i was younger. Whew! I could barely read it so i can't imagine actually watching it. Havent seen it and don't plan to.

    In regards to these things happening in Naija. Thats why i don't discuss such things (not that thats a good solution) because i hate when people tell me how awful US/UK is when the exact same bad things happen in Nigeria and it gets ignored and swept under the rug.

  4. wow. its so sad that people blame victims whenever things like this happen. I haven't watched the movie but maybe I will one of these days.

    Goodluck with your book. I hope you get published. Maybe we can have sneak peeks by reading some excerpts. Whadaya think? :-)

  5. I did watch Precious. Its a sad reality of our societies, wherever we may live. What I dont get is the kind of callers you mentioned. They are probably the kind that you dont want to leave your kids around or the kind that would deny their own kids are being abused. Either way its this part of the population in our communities that need a harsh reality check before things like this wont be tolerated. What a shame

  6. @9jafoodie yep so true. My book is fiction and it has romance.
    @Blessing thank you. No more brushing it under the carpet.
    @ladyngo don't mind them it happens here very well.
    @stelzz i think you should watch the movie. I think after the editing will sneak in some peeks.
    @Wendal long time. yeah we tolerate a lot of rubbish in our society.