Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Long time/ boredom/ PHCN's unfulfilled promises/Sighs

Hi everyone, its seems as though I have been covering my face in shame for a while now. 
Not blogged, just been there. 
If you ask me what I have been doing I don't really know. 
Anyways as I came on line now my friend ZAINAB MUSA of, pushed me to blog. She even suggested I blog about boredom... loll so I will do just that.

About two days ago boredom nearly killed me, I will not lie. There wasn't any light as PHCN, has gradually forgotten about the citizens of Nigeria. I couldn't go to the cinema to watch a movie, cos Uncle (I hope you all remember who uncle is and why his name is now uncle), has told me that we are on a budget, so I just sat at home and gave in to the boredom.

My question: "are you ever bored? If yes please can you tell what you do when boredom sets in? Cos it was tragic for me..loll..
I called about 5 of my friends asking if I could come over to their houses, you know what, everyone was busy...(sobbing). 

Now back to PHCN... I asked a question: "whether Inverter (for those of us who know it) is a substitute for electricity, in Nigeria. For me, personally I detest inverter, cos I can only use lights and fans. The more appliances one uses the quicker the battery life drains. So why should I have it.  
Well what can I say I have an inverter, even though I don't like it, I put up with its rubbish. 

Enough of my lamentations, please let me know what's up with your lives? Anything interesting? Please gist me.

Lastly I will like to say happy birthday to my uncle, Uncle Gbilama, who was like a father to me. If he was alive I would have called him and wished him a very happy and prosperous birthday, but he has gone. He is still dear to my heart and I miss him so much. 



  1. Phiri ooooo!! LOOOOOL! Abeg, you wont kill me!
    What do I do when I am bored....thinking...when was the last time I was bored o...cant even remember, but I guess I would just roll over and sleep oh!

    what else is happeningi n my life? I love my mornings. I just loove my mornings, they have become something else, apart from the walks I take. I come awake very early, and I look at the sky, these days it is cloudy around 5am but I miss the 'dew', my room is very very cozily lit, and I just lie there there and do my morning things. My heart flutters when I think about waking up. Dont think I want to pass that up for anything else anytime soon! :-)

    1. Lovely. I think i also sleep too when i am bored. but that day i slept my eyes out..loll. if you know what i mean. thank you.

  2. i get bored when i am at work...i think its almost time to leave 9 to 5

    Good to have u back on blogsville..

    I have heard good reviews about inverter but dunno how it works...


    1. wow yes i think its time to leave the 9 to 5

  3. I am one of those annoying people who always finds something to do....LOL

    I enjoy my own company so I absolutely look forward to quiet moments. When I'm bored I do something I truly love i.e. draw, paint, sew or read


  4. Pele. Like NIl, there is always something to do. I love to read so that's what i do mostly. I also like to clean, arrange...i'm very restless so i always find something to occupy myself. Good to have you back though. How's your book coming along?

    1. cool. i am good. hmm my book. its there we thank God

  5. PHcn na a book or clean ur room...or there's something silly I do,I scatter a portion of my closet and start arranging it over and by the time I'm done..phew¬!! tired and just lie back and relax and i sleep comes,all the better..

    *new here*
    visit me too!cheers!

  6. Good to see you again Ibifiri! Please don't tell me that the inverter is not the panacea to PHCN woes!!!! My mgm and I are thinking seriously about getting one...cos you are right PHCN does not have our time.

    Boredom? I honestly cannot remember being bored (was probably cos I was asleep. Lol!). Seriously though I only get bored in some meetings and when that happens I blog mentally. At home though, if there is not electricity and it is not time to 'on the generator' I blog. I just do it the old school way. Pen and notebook. Or I sleep or I go for a walk or I take my kids to swim. Our estate club is the best place to 'people watch'. Lol!

    Ibifiri, (coughing delicately) if Uncle was could you be bored? Lol!

    1. lol so true. if uncle was home how could i be bored. i think you should try the inverter ha. what other choice do we have?