Tuesday, July 26, 2011

New Week

Hello everyone... How r u? I hope you had a lovely weekend cos me I sure did.
Sadly, I haven't kept my promise: " of blogging 3 times a week.
Men!!!!! setting goals is so easy, but implementing them is another ball game. But I will try with the help of the Almighty God.

Let me gist you about my boring weekend.

Friday: woke up late, just basically spent the day reading a romance novel..Oh boy.. don't you think I should get a life? loll. Anyways my uncle (this is my husband, I like to call him uncle when I want to be mischievous or I am not happy with him and don't forget I always add the accent), said we were going to the movies, late at night. Excited about it, you know watching movies at 11pm in the dark...Really something to look forward to. Anyways my dear we didn't go again oh, cos he was tired.. That's why I stopped calling him Temi (which in Yoruba means "my own"), and I started calling him uncle with the accent.
Slept angry...*kissing my teeth*


I went for drama practice in the morning and market with uncle in the afternoon. Since he didn't take me out on Friday night, he decided to join me to the market. So his name changed back to Temi. (Now I am happy and I have forgiven him)...
After the haggling I was able to buy goat meat, which was originally #6,000 for #2900. This amazed Temi as he had earlier told me to buy the meet for the price of #6,000...Imagine. How can I go to market and just take the price they give me, abi did my mother not teach me well...loll. After this we came back home.


This was my girls time out after service, so I told Temi bye and off I went..(Regular girls time out is a very good recipe). I went for 2 shows. The first one cost #2,000 but till I departed by 4pm it hadn't started and I didn't like the organization. The second one which held in Expo center, Eko hotel and which was #1,000 was fantastic. Round table sitting, drinks at your disposal, and fantastic food. Eko hotel standard... buffet.....
Menu: fried rice, white rice, potato, different types of salad, fish and goat meat pepper soup, ofada rice and sauce, beef, chicken, stew, efo, pounded yam etc. I couldn't believe my eyes. Artists like TY Bello, Kate Henshew, Basketmouth, Tara etc. where there and they all spoke, encouraging the youths. For me Tonye Cole killed it. I was deeply impressed.

The end..

new week, a lot of deadlines, Seriousness begins.
Do take care and have a lovely day.

Please let me know how your weekend went? I am so sure it will not be as boring as mine...