Sunday, March 10, 2013

My Hero/Happy mother's day

Okay so I have been having phones issues for a long time now and it hasn't been funny. I have resolved to stop using post paid and go to pre-paid. its easier to track my credit use.

Anyways I missed you all and I have to just make it up. I have been working on my bag designs and setting up a business I must say not easy as one is also juggling motherhood.

P.S. Check this space cos some big giveaways: coming soon.

I was just chatting with my neighbour today that men staying sexy and being a mother ain't easy.. This evening I was smelling of baby poop, baby vomit, spit and baby milk. You can imagine how I smelt horrible. Since my darling's bed time is 7pm, after her bed time, I took a hot shower, now that is priceless.

I should have written this post a while ago but couldn't... on the 25th of February I went to pick up Temi from the airport. so with Yosola strapped in her car seat, the radio jamming some lovely tunes I hit the road, ready to go and pick my man. By the time I got to the toll gate, I realised that in my enthusiasm I forgot my bag, meaning I also forgot my wallet meaning I had no money on me. Chei yepa!!!! what was I going to do. Who was going to believe this babe with dark sunglasses, black air conditioned car, that she didn't have a dime on her.
Anyways I just said a short prayer before I got to the toll, quickly I just called out to the attendant and politely explained that I had forgotten my wallet blah blah blah. Without any shakara, the young man told me that I could go... I was so glad and touched...

I know sometimes it's hard to believe good things still happen in this great country of ours, sometimes I even almost don't trust a lot of people I come across as I have been duped several times, but I must say Ibrahim the toll gate attendant was my hero for the day.

Wishing every mother, intending mothers, god mothers, grandmothers happy mothers day...

P.S. "I saw this on facebook : "if every one's mum is the best then who owns the mums that are doing witchcraft?"

Lol I laughed and from the stories I have heard some peoples mums aren't good people at all... But we still wish them a happy mothers day as well.

Happy mother's day to my mum "Prof. Aduabobo Ibitoru Hart