Wednesday, December 8, 2010

True Friendship

Hello everyone and what's up?
Saying welcome to Melissa, P.E.T. Project and thank you Myne Whitman for your comments.

Recommended book: " A heart To Mend", by Myne Whitman. Will have a review of the book by next week. I just bought my copy yesterday and I am so looking forward to reading it.

Now back to the topic of today: True Friendship...

There are some friends that cross your path which you never expect, the bond you build with them usually very close and tight... I think friendship formed this way, is ordained by God..

I am saying thank you to my new friend who is also a blogger (you can check out her blog @ Thank you for being a friend.

As I talk about friendship, I remember a dear friend of mine, in fact I often said she was my best friend, mon meilleur ami... The day I heard that she was involved in an accident I cried.
That day I thought to myself: so I will never see her again.
This friend was always there for me. We were seat mates in secondary school, we both had our futures planned together. She was a shoulder to cry on and I was shoulder to lean on. We had times where we laughed, cried, played, argued and just stayed friends....

I know this may sound weird, for I had a dream and I saw her in the dream. I asked her if she was in heaven and she said yes she was, immediately an overwhelming peace filled my heart.

It sounds very funny and I am a little bit embarrassed saying it, but I just feel it is time.

I feel maybe there is someone out there who has lost someone dear. It may not be a friend, maybe a mother or a father or a brother, or a sister, I know how you feel. For this friend of mine was like a sister to me. She was my sister from another mother.

Oh Fubby as we called her, I wish you are still here with me. It's been two years now and I have never said anything about this, I have bottled it up for so long, but I feel it is time to let it go.
I feel it is time to let the world know how it hurts to loose a friend and a sister.

I believe in that dream and I know that you are in heaven.

Adieu my friend
Adieu fubby
Adieu Tata
Until we meet again