Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Long time/ boredom/ PHCN's unfulfilled promises/Sighs

Hi everyone, its seems as though I have been covering my face in shame for a while now. 
Not blogged, just been there. 
If you ask me what I have been doing I don't really know. 
Anyways as I came on line now my friend ZAINAB MUSA of, pushed me to blog. She even suggested I blog about boredom... loll so I will do just that.

About two days ago boredom nearly killed me, I will not lie. There wasn't any light as PHCN, has gradually forgotten about the citizens of Nigeria. I couldn't go to the cinema to watch a movie, cos Uncle (I hope you all remember who uncle is and why his name is now uncle), has told me that we are on a budget, so I just sat at home and gave in to the boredom.

My question: "are you ever bored? If yes please can you tell what you do when boredom sets in? Cos it was tragic for me..loll..
I called about 5 of my friends asking if I could come over to their houses, you know what, everyone was busy...(sobbing). 

Now back to PHCN... I asked a question: "whether Inverter (for those of us who know it) is a substitute for electricity, in Nigeria. For me, personally I detest inverter, cos I can only use lights and fans. The more appliances one uses the quicker the battery life drains. So why should I have it.  
Well what can I say I have an inverter, even though I don't like it, I put up with its rubbish. 

Enough of my lamentations, please let me know what's up with your lives? Anything interesting? Please gist me.

Lastly I will like to say happy birthday to my uncle, Uncle Gbilama, who was like a father to me. If he was alive I would have called him and wished him a very happy and prosperous birthday, but he has gone. He is still dear to my heart and I miss him so much.