Monday, October 1, 2012

My Journey Through Motherhood

Hi DEARS, I have been kinda incommunicado and that is cos I just became a new mama. My lovely daughter was born on Monday the 17th of September, by 11.22 a.m. She weighed 7pounds, even though she came three weeks earlier.

Anyways I learnt a lot about being pregnant. From the mood swings to the absentmindedness or is it the cravings or the dreadful heartburn anytime you have to eat something. I can remember the first doctors visit it was exciting and incredible. I remember Temi and I couldn't contain our excitement. I also remember when we went for a scan and found out that it was a girl, we were very over joyed, already picking her name. Her father already planning her life: how she will take over his buisness, become an entrepreneur

Anyways when my labour and contractions started I couldn't believe it. The pain was indescribable. Really: women do try. I now look at my mother who had four kids with a different mindset. For me I don't think I can go through pregnancy four times: it ain't easy. Anyways after feeling like superwoman, (I had initially said I wasn't going to have an epidural). When the pain started I didn't need a soothsayer, to tell me to call out for the epidural. But sadly they couldn't give it to me, cos my platelets, (what is responsible for blood clot in the body was low so they). Men!!!! I did say all the prayers in my vocabulary till I could pray no more.

Then when it was finally time to push, It became another story:."I am like why didn't any body tell me about this. The first three times I pushed, I was told that I had to push harder, cos the baby's heartbeat was dropping n if by 12 I hadn't given birth they were going to do a C-section. After all the pain I was going through I couldn't afford to go for a C-section. With the nurses, my auntie, Temi's cousin and my mother encouraging me, I was able to push.

The joy of motherhood is seeing the baby n realizing that everything is okay n the baby is fine.

After birth story will come soon. I have to run away as I am trying to adjust to motherhood. Its a learning process.

P.S. "I must say Temi was really there for me. I couldn't have done it without him. Now he has taken it upon himself to spoil our daughter, I just have to be the disciplinarian in the

Do take care of yourself n have a lovely day.

Pix: My daughter when she turned 8days old. her name: Oluwafayosolami Tamunoibitomie Olive Kamson aka Yosola.
2nd pix: My lovely family: "Temi, Ibifiri aka me and Yosola Kamson.