Sunday, January 15, 2012

Discover Yourself/ Follow Your Passion

Yippee my followership is growing by the day and I am excited about it. Wow... Thank you guys. I will just try my best to keep on posting and your job is just to keep the comments rolling..

Anyways I decided to post about something motivating, enough of my random musings, but before I start, I need to be a little girl and tell on Temi .
For the past three days now I have burnt everything while cooking from beans to stew to meat. And the sad part is that I don't leave the pot on the cooker and walk off, I am right there, by the eating area watching it cook... guess who comes to rescue the pots? Temi.

So I was lamenting out loud wondering why I have been burning everything
his reply was that: "its because I am sitting down posting on secretlilies. He practically said you guys were the distraction.. Can you imagine him.... hmmm I am thinking whether I should put Temi in the "uncle" category for now...LOL.

ANYWAYS I tagged along with Temi for a business meeting.. When I was waiting in the waiting room he suggested that I read O magazine, when I declined he stated categorically that the magazine was written for women...Oh brother... anyways after loosing at the game I was playing I picked up the O magazine. (and yes Temi was chuckling behind me saying ...I told you so)..

Now there was a topic about discovering your dreams and all, and there were a few women featured. I usually talk about discovering your dream, but I am more of the taking a lot more risk, like quit your job and move on.

But hey!!!!there is a new twist: "you can follow your dreams and still keep your day job. Eventually one would have to over shadow the other but it just shows that nothing should stop you from discovering yourself and following your dreams.

Jennifer Smith a riding instructor, was one of my favorites. I loved this story cos even after forgetting her dreams and moving on in life as she grew older, she later rekindled her passion. And the great thing is that she works with children that have disabilities. She says the joy in their eyes when they get on the horse, is the icing on the cake.

Like everyone else I pray for more hours in the day so that I can do all that I want to do. But it never comes, so one has to learn to organize one's time. I know this for sure: I am learning to stop living the life that society wants me to live and live the life I want to live. Fortunately for me as I grow older I discover myself and try to fit my discovered self, into my small physical frame...LOL

I know one thing for sure, I would rather wear a jeans and lovely polo top with a helmet and destroy homes and rebuild them, for sale, or be in a plant manufacturing something that can be sold for millions of dollars than wear a trouser or skirt suit, with a Chirstian Louboutin and do a 9 to 5.

As we start this week I would like you'll to reflect on your life and try to discover your passion. Cos hey guys I hate to break this news to you.. but life is very short.

Do have a lovely week ahead and please let's all continue praying for Nigeria.