Thursday, April 11, 2013

Happy New Month/Special Giveaway Month

Hello everyone I hope we all enjoyed the Easter holidays for me I did. I went to Bonny my home town where there is 24/7 electricity and I had fun. I ate like a pregnant woman all the food I had been craving for a long time. I ate bole and fish (Roasted Plantain and fish).
I can remember the first time I saw them selling bole and groundnut in Lagos, I was confused as to how they could eat things so dry and together for that matter, but in Port Harcourt, Rivers state we have the bole with fish with some salivating sauce. Now I ate this till I could eat no more because I don't know when next I will be in Port Harcourt again.

I also ate what we call Peum Peum: now this is periwinkle cooked still in its shells, mixed with cow tail, and what you would call assorted meat. You suck on the peum peum which is deliciously garnished with a peppery sauce. Lastly I ate fresh fish soup....Mehn I am still salivating right now.

Anyways I am back to Lagos and I am back to my diet. Eating only unripe plantain porridge and beans.. Very boring right, but hey what can man

Now I had promised you all a while ago that I will post Ularee products which is my brand name on this blog and hope that I get customers, comments and suggestions as well. My first collection is out... I hope you like it.
This earrings where crocheted with yarn, it can come with crochet thread as well.
Design mine, pattern mine. these earrings are very affordable and can be used for whatever occasion. they are very simple and glams up your style as well. And did I forget to say they can be washed/cleaned if need be...nice one right..

This bag is my first collection and I will like to call it the "Toru" bag as the first customer to buy it is called Ibitoru or Toru. They can be made in different colors. I tried to take a professional picture but I don't have a good camera for now and since you can spot my daughter trying to play with the bag you must know that its not easy working and looking after her at the same time. The bag is a mixture of real leather which is white, and Ankara fabric. I love the detailing and the mixture. I love the size as well and the way it seats carefully. This bag can be used for all occasion, in fact this is my to go bag for now.

Please feel free to place your orders and yes free delivery within Lagos. 08094440178 my contact. let me know what you think.

I got to run as I am working on a product for a client. I promise to get better pictures of my products.

Yes a give away is coming soon. Anybody that can tell me what particular Ankara fabric I used will get this bag in their preferred color and the earrings. Spread the word guys I am waiting.


PS. sorry about the pictures being uploaded more than once...hmmm I should learn to be more Internet savvy don't you think...LOL