Thursday, September 23, 2010

Long Time

Hello dears its been a while and I am so sorry. I don't have regular internet so I tend to be lazy to use the unregular
Anyways like I said the last time i will give you the full gist about my life in Port Harcourt.
On sunday the 19th of September was my father's birthday and conincidentally the day he retired from the work force. We went to church, which was long and boring and I almost fell of the pews due to sleep...(God please forgive me, lol).

Because of the long service we snicked out of the church to go have lunch.... the long awaited lunch. As soon as I saw the food I dropped my diet in the trash bin and ate like a starving child.

I know you are wondering why all these details, don't worry, all this is just to tell you that I had a lovely time.

Our lunch made me realise that there is nothing like family.....A good family is the bedrock of the society.

If you don't have strong family ties you have to do a recheck of your life and goals.
Notez Bien: it was said somewhere a while ago that the secret to long life is a strong and loving family.

Take care of yourself and will chat later.... I need to go now, my friend is preparing healthy Indomie for me.


Saturday, September 18, 2010

Another Wahala!!!!!!!

I am now in Port Harcourt, very happy about that, but I had an ordeal today.
Very early in this morning I got a text that my flight was canceled and was to be rescheduled. Quickly I rushed down to the airport only to discovered that it looked like I was the only one who got the text. When I got to the counter, I foolishly told them my about the text and they told me that I had to wait and go on the 6pm flight, I was shocked and disappointed.

This was 9.30 am in the morning where was I to go? How could I wait for hours in a boring airport. Then I thought to go to the office (that is the airline's)....Now this is where the story began, the lady that worked in the office told me that I shouldn't have told them about the text in the first place. She printed out my ticket told me to go to another counter and check in like I was just coming. Gladly I took the advise and did as she said.
You can imagine, I got on the flight, my seat was there and I got to Port Harcourt by 12.30.....

Now my question is why did they then send the text message?
Secondly they do not convey information properly. How is it that the attendants didn't know anything about a canceled flight?
Thirdly when I get a text like that again I will not say a word.

It's good to be in Port Harcourt, I have just been here for hours and I am already being pampered from getting new shoes to an update of the family gist....

It's good to be at home with family this I must confess.

What do I think about Port Harcourt? It hasn't changed much and it rains don't forget I grew up here and it will always be my home.

Take care and have fun this weekend, cos I sure am......
will keep you posted.


Friday, September 17, 2010

See Me See Wahala

Hmmm my friends I am confused and I will like your opinion..... Yesterday night at about 7pm I was driving out of the Palms, when I spotted a young guy, handsome, tall dark etc you know the features now, lol, hold on I forgot to add, well dressed, but there was a but, he was wearing sunglasses.........

Now my dear friends, I had to triple check to be sure that I as saw the guy. How could he be wearing sun shade or sun glasses at that time of the night?

With all curiosity, I consulted my dictionary and he told me that the meaning of sunglasses or sun shades as some people call it is a : " glasses tinted to protect the eyes from sunlight or glare"......

So tell me where was the sunlight at 7pm in the night or the glare?

Why do we wear things in the name of fashion and not know the meaning or how and when it is being used?

A lot of us copy a lot of things we don't even know their origin, whether good or bad.

I think if I am to wear a dress I need to know when it is appropriate. For example wearing a dinner gown to the movies, that is a big NO.

What about wearing a party dress for shopping or a mini skirt on an okada.... lol....i know you are laughing but a lot of people wear rubbish, all in the name of fashion.

Despite the fact that fashion is growing and becoming more creative by the day, we should learn to know what suits us, and when and where to wear certain clothes. I don't want to be wicked but a tiny little voice within me, wanted the young guy with the sunglasses to trip and fall,

Anyways its time for me to log out, I guess we will see next time....

P.S.. please stay tuned for some new exciting pictures about me having a lovely time....don't forget I am getting ready to hit the road.

Saying a big welcome to the new member of the secretlilies family, Remi. Thank you for following us and we hope you will learn a lot from us and we from you...
Have a nice day girl....


Thursday, September 16, 2010


Its so funny how excited I get anytime I am traveling, be it within the country or outside the country, I get butterflies.
I can't wait to see all my friends, my family, my hood, if you know what I mean, LOL... I just can't wait.
Even in my excitement I will like to share something I learnt listen....loll.....

Yesterday, I had a lovely bible study and it was all about God, the topic that struck me most was how to hear from God. People say they hear from God, is it true? Everybody wanted to know how it was possible and how one could hear God speak.

Deep down I know it is true and its possible to hear from God, because I do hear from God when I am a good girl, loll.

God doesn't talk to everybody in a particular way, I can only tell you how God talks to me, for you it will be different. What I can surely say is that when God talks to you, there is an eternal excitement that cannot be understood by men. It's a beautiful feeling which indescribable.
I have also learnt that each time I am closer to God, I hear clearly from him. When I drift away, or get distracted with the things of the world, His voice become fainter and until I stop hearing from Him completely.

The question is how can one stay in his presence every time? Simple by meditating on the word of God, in the place of prayer etc...

How can one hear from God when there are a lot of unanswered prayers?

This is my challenge, sometimes I am angry with God that I don't even want to talk to him, I run away. I don't want to trust him, anymore, but after i have thrown tantrums and sulked for a while, I run back to him because there is no other way....

Do I actually hear from God? Yes I must confess that I do hear from him, especially when I tune my ears and stay in His presence, after all He says if you seek Me you will find........

Will I get confused and frustrated with God again? Yes I know I will, cos I am human, but I will never leave Him for He is my all.

Do I still have unanswered prayers? Yes I do, in fact a lot, but I trust and wait on Him patiently for they will be answered, one day.

Notez bien: as we go home this weekend I want us to reflect on him, take a few minutes, hours anytime to hear from Him. Take His word study it and ask Him to speak to you.

P.S. I am off to Port Harcourt and I know I will have a lovely time. Don't worry I will gist you all about my experience.
Take care.


Sunday, September 12, 2010

Na Wa Oh Another Sunday Again

Ahha God its another sunday again and nothing has happened. I did they same thing, I always do, I went to church, I prayed, I cried to You, I worshipped with my whole heart and still nothing has changed.

What should I do? Where should I run to? (sigh) I don't know.
Did I do anything wrong in life? I have taken a while to run through my short life, the only sins committed weren't major, just little lies, stubbornness here and there and that was all. Hmmm(sigh) maybe I did more than that took something that weren't mine, but hey I repented. Its not so bad: people in this world have done worse. A lot of my mates did a lot of bad things in the past, so hideous one couldn't fathom, but it looks as though they are now better than I am.......What is the point then?

How can I cope? Sometimes I want to tell You that I cannot do it anymore. This business of living a faithful life is killing me. I try to be faithful and it seems as though nothing good comes out of it. I am tempted to look the other way......

Life!!!!! What can one say. Its become more and more difficult to deal with it and still keep smile. Sometimes its as though you have been betrayed, nothing seems to work.
Being good has become a chore and a difficult one at that, but despite all the difficulties in life, just hang in there, cos its just but a while. For surely one day it will come, and all the frustrations will be over.

Note: this week determine in your heart to be happy no matter what happens.

Take care and have a nice week


Sunday, September 5, 2010

Another Sunday

Hmmm God another sunday again.
Another church service, another experience with you.
Its so funny when I get to church I am depressed cos all my prayers are unanswered, but then I come into this gathering and my hope in God is revitalized. I can move mountains. I can conquer snakes and scorpions. I can be the best in whatever I do, i leap out of the gathering with the world and its worries under my feet, but will this be forever?
What does monday hold for me, will it be like last monday, with one disappointment or the other. Will I cry myself to sleep, like I did tuesday night when Dayo told me that it was over, or crack my brain about what food to feed the children for I am out of cash. Everywhere has been over turned but can't find even 1 kobo. Will my car break down on thursday like it usually does, oh God I need a new car, I know there are millions out there who don't have a car, but there are also millions out there who own several cars.
As I think of all theses problems, my leap becomes a walk, and slowly I walk to the car, this car that I have no confidence in praying that God will please hear me as I drive, protect me and take me home.
I want to trust you God but its tough at times, at times I find my self doubting that you can help me. At times it looks like there isn't any hope for me.
(Complains) Then why did you create me? Why did you say that I was made in your own image? Why did you say that all the good things of life you will give me? Why all the promises, that I never see?
But then again as I drive down my street to my house, I see this mad man looking for food in the dustbin, I see the small homeless children run to meet me shouting aunty abeg help us for we never eat at all. I see the blind man, who cannot walk unless he is assisted. Immediately shame consumes me. I have worried about all the things that I don't have, and have forgotten of all the things i have. At least I don't have to sleep on the bridge. I forget that at least I have a car even though rickety but something that can move me about. Some people have to trek kilometers away just to look for their daily bread.
(Long sigh) I am sorry for being ungrateful, at least I have life and I am healthy. Forgive me and teach me to trust You, for I know You will always keep to Your word....

P.S. when you think that life is so bad, you just have to turn to the other side and you will know that there are people who have worse cases than you, in the world.

Happy Sunday

Thursday, September 2, 2010

What is Your View Of God!!

Everybody has his or her own view about God and what they believe in. For me my view about Him is that He is a God that neither sleeps nor slumber. This means that when I am asleep He is there watching over me. When I am awake He is also there protecting me least I fall. A few days ago I read a daily devotional and I laughed a lot at some little children's view about God, written to their pastors, here are some of them:

"Dear Pastor I know God loves everyone but He never met my sister".
Dear Minister, I will like to bring my dog to Church on sundays. She is only a mutt but she is a good christian."

"I would like to read the Bible, but I will read it more if they put it on TV."

Dear Pastor, I would like to go to heaven some day because I know my big brother will not be there".

A father over head his young daughter talking during a thunderstorm one day. The older daughter said as a matter-of-faclty, "that thunder you just heard is God moving His furniture".
The younger daughter nodded her head like she understood and looked out the window at the pouring rain for a minute before she replied: " yes, He just moved His waterbed, too".

lol even the Bible says that only when we think like a child will we be able to enter the kingdom of God.

Search your heart and think deeply, what is your own view of God!!!