Saturday, September 18, 2010

Another Wahala!!!!!!!

I am now in Port Harcourt, very happy about that, but I had an ordeal today.
Very early in this morning I got a text that my flight was canceled and was to be rescheduled. Quickly I rushed down to the airport only to discovered that it looked like I was the only one who got the text. When I got to the counter, I foolishly told them my about the text and they told me that I had to wait and go on the 6pm flight, I was shocked and disappointed.

This was 9.30 am in the morning where was I to go? How could I wait for hours in a boring airport. Then I thought to go to the office (that is the airline's)....Now this is where the story began, the lady that worked in the office told me that I shouldn't have told them about the text in the first place. She printed out my ticket told me to go to another counter and check in like I was just coming. Gladly I took the advise and did as she said.
You can imagine, I got on the flight, my seat was there and I got to Port Harcourt by 12.30.....

Now my question is why did they then send the text message?
Secondly they do not convey information properly. How is it that the attendants didn't know anything about a canceled flight?
Thirdly when I get a text like that again I will not say a word.

It's good to be in Port Harcourt, I have just been here for hours and I am already being pampered from getting new shoes to an update of the family gist....

It's good to be at home with family this I must confess.

What do I think about Port Harcourt? It hasn't changed much and it rains don't forget I grew up here and it will always be my home.

Take care and have fun this weekend, cos I sure am......
will keep you posted.


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