Monday, May 23, 2011

What do you think of BIG BROTHER

Hello everyone... its a new week.
A new week comes with its own challenges, aspirations, goals new beginnings and miracles..
For me the miracles I see even before I step out of my crib.. I hope you do to.

Now food for thought..
I was flipping through channels and I stumbled upon BIG BROTHER AMPLIFIED..

A lot of questions just popped into my mind LIKE : what do I really think about BIG BROTHER ...
Do I like the show or do I hate?
Do I feel it should be of the air or it should stay on air?
Do I feel that it has some moral values or none whatsoever?

Then I asked myself how will it look: if a married woman were to be a contestant on BIG BROTHER... I know there was a season where one of the contestants was a man married and if I can remember clearly he had an affair or almost did on TV.

What will it be like if there was a married woman there?
Will she loose her marriage as soon as the show is over?
Will she be the first person to be evicted?

According to my friend, she said that : "if she gets on BIG BROTHER she will be known as the christian sister. Every morning she will wake everyone up, for morning devotion... I laughed so hard that I couldn't breathe. I am sure she will definitely be the first person to be evicted...

Anyways these are my random thoughts.
Seriously do tell me what you think about BIG BROTHER AMPLIFIED...

Have a lovely day.