Friday, July 30, 2010


Hi fellows, in the space of one month I will be talking about opportunities and its importance in our lives. Sometimes I may use real life illustrations, sometimes just words of encouragement, sometimes something that will serve as an eye opener for opportunities. I hope that every word I say, will make a meaningful impact in your life.....
Now enough of the talk, let's get down to I am so excited because I am going to meet, for the first time, the writer and the relationship specialist "Michelle Mckinney Hammond... I can't wait for that. I love her books especially, " The Power Of Being A Woman". Sorry guys, I am not being a feminist and the book isn't either, I strongly recommend you buy it for your female friends, its a blessing".......
Before I drop my pen, I will like to leave you with these words......." someone once told me......every man gets his opportunity in life, usually wrapped in something funny and most of the time unattractive. What makes the difference is one's ability to be able to decipher it and use it for ons's good.....
Extracts From The Daily Manna of Dr Chris Kwakpovwe, 30th July, 2010
" I asked for Strength and God gave me Difficulties to make me strong.
I asked for Wisdom and He gave me Problems to solve.
I asked for Prosperity and God gave me Brain and Brawn to work.
I asked for Courage and God gave me Danger to overcome.
I asked for Love and God gave me Troubled people to help.
I asked for Favor and God gave me Opportunities.
I received nothing I worked for.....
I received everything I needed.....
A little story to add to this....... " for the past 5 months I have been looking for a french, french person to practice my french with. I wanted it so desperately, because I didn't want to lose my flow of the french language. Everyday I begged God to give me a friend, who was french. Everyday I asked around for a french community. Everyday I searched the internet looking for someone, anyone who could speak french with me.....
Then yesterday evening, lo and behold, two men walked into the reading room, one white and the other an african, and they were both speaking french. Here was I sitting down, staring at them, with my mouths wide open. I tried to psyche myself to get up and talk to them... I was still psyching myself till they left. And you know what; the men were even polite enough to ask me a question, ( but of course in Imagine that.......An opportunity lost.....
I have asked for a long while and he gave it to me, but I shied away from it.......A lot of us are like this, and we wonder why things don't work for us.....
Now I am back to square one looking for, begging for and praying for yet another opportunity to get a french french friend.
Notez Bien: Don't lose yours this weekend. Have a great weekend.

Thursday, July 29, 2010


Time was ticking, my hands sweaty, no courage within, but I knew I had to do it, I just had to do it. Even though it was going to hurt me. Even though I was going to make some few enemies along the way, I just had to do it, it was for the best.
Walking down the corridor, I considered turning back, running away, after all, I had endured for a while and could still endure more. Why stop now?
But the voice within prompted me, reminding me of what my teacher in school once said "the oppressed will forever be oppressed until the day he realizes that he is too is a master, then he becomes the oppressor". I have to become the oppressor. I have to say no to this slavery. I have suffered for so long. I had watched the pain in my children's eyes for years and turned away pretending that it was just a phase and the hurt will go, but it never did. I have to stand up. I have to do something before I lose everything.
Tolu, my darling, my poor boy, my heart, no longer talks to me. He feels it's my fault, he had told me several times to just go away, to leave, but I refused. "What will people say ?" I thought to myself. I will be ridiculed amongst my circle of friends, but I didn't care. I would go on with it, I would leave him.
I can remember the way his eyeballs grew bigger because of the rage within him, I stepped back as usual, trying to protect myself from his rage, then suddenly I remembered that I wasn't alone, my friend was there with me.
There was no way he was going to touch me, not any more.
With the little dignity I had left, I walked out of the house, vowing never to return again.
I know it will not be easy, I know that life will be unfair, but at least I have my angels. At least they no longer hate me, I am their friend now, cos I finally listened.
I don't know what it going to happen, but I know for sure, I am never going back. I am never looking backward, I will just strive to do my best.....who knows life may smile on me again, but I don't want to bank on that............ Maybe marriage was never meant for me, I wish I had known, I will never had gone through this pain.
For now I can only say " had I known", but that is as far as I will go. I will make a life for myself come what may.

Tuesday, July 27, 2010


Hi guys before I go into details, I will like to say a big SORRY to my friend EHIMEN for forgetting her birthday on sunday. I had a lot on my mind, I am very sorry girlfriend and I pray you forgive me. "HAPPY BELATED BIRTHDAY". Secondly I want to say thank you to a new friend, I just meet. I don't know why God brought us together at this time, but He sure knows what he is doing. Because I want to say that sunday, was one of the best things that happened to me.. Keep the flag high my dear.....
Now back to my confused state.... this doesn't always happen every time but, have you ever been in a situation where you are just confused? You don't know what to do? You don't know who to talk to? And it looks like the whole world is just ganging up against you?
Well this is the state I am in. I am confused, but then again I ask my self why? Wasn't I supposed to do all that I did?
Did I make a mistake along the way? What is it actually?
After fretting up and down, I have come to the conclusion: "I am going on a research rampage". All the people I have talked to say : " go on with the plan". I know this is a decision I need to make, it may hurt a lot of people, it may not, but I know it's the right thing to do.
I feel so awful, but I have to make that decision.
I feel so bad, but I know it's for the best
I feel so alone, but I know that no matter what, I will always have a FRIEND
I feel so afraid because I am scared of what people are going to say, but then I have searched my conscience and I know that I have done the right thing.
I am leaving now because it is time to take the decision, I don't know if I should let you know or not, but I will try.
I will keep you posted for I know you will console me when it burst.

Thursday, July 22, 2010


Hi dears, how are you?
I just want to say a BIG thank you to all my readers AND followers. Without you, writing will be a lot more difficult, THANK YOU.
For the past 2 weeks I have meet a lot of cool, creative people and I am wondering how can this be? People like this in Nigeria....hmmmmm!!!!
In the past 2 weeks I have learnt a lot of things, in my writing, my business and my marriage that I haven't learnt in over a year.
In the past 2 weeks I have been criticized so much that I have made up my mind to be the best in everything I do.
In the past 2 weeks I have learnt that I need patience for everything.
I have learnt that it is not about how many books or articles or journals or how much you have or earn, or your family name, or the connections you have, but about how well you do whatever it is you are doing.
I have learnt that patience is the key to every creative mind.
How can I be patient especially when I am looking at the ceiling and begging God to please send money down from heaven like he sent manna for the children of Israel in the bible?
How can I be patient when I want to see my books in print and tell everybody who is anybody that I am a writer and I have published a book? How can I? but :
I have learnt that it takes a bamboo 6 years to shoot out of the soil and 6 months to reach its full length. Why?
Good example of patience.........
Every successful man, woman, organization, minister, church, marriage, company, relationship etc takes years of patience and learning before it becomes the best.
2 weeks ago I was in hurry to get my book in print, but now after learning about the life of a bamboo, I am ready to wait.
It's not going to be easy for me because naturally I am an impatient person, but I am willing to learn.
I will wait...even if it takes me 6 years like the bamboo, I will wait and learn.
Food for thought: this week let's strike a deal...develop the ability to be patient, in everything you do and with everybody you meet. It will not be easy, especially with all that surrounds you, but it will come, little by little.
Notez Bien: I hope we are still reading our books.
Confession: " keeping my rule of 5 is the most difficult thing I have ever done, but I am

Tuesday, July 20, 2010


Have you ever be disappointed in your life? have you ever wanted something so badly but it never came?
i have asked why a million times and i haven't got a response...........
have you ever felt like a fool?
have you ever been taken for a fool?
have you been mistreated because you don't have money?
right now i don't know what to do.........
How can i trust somebody, with my work, with money with everything as a friend and then i get Slapped at the back, and all because of money.
Hey GOD i am broken down, beaten i don't know what to do.
Where will i get the money to redo it again.
Every night i seat down and look up at the ceiling, hoping that money will just fall down from heaven. or the problem will just go away.
cos i have tried everything.
Ah this one i am so hurt i don't know what to do to the person.
They say i should forgive, but how can i forgive, i preach about it, but how can i. forgiveness is the key to moving forward.
Whoever said that, should have told me that it wasn't easy.
because i just don't know how to forgive right now but i will try.
don't worry, i have cried, i have wailed and i have given up.
but i will do the work.
i will continue to do my best
i will just continue, please GOD help me.

Friday, July 16, 2010

The Rule Of 5

Hello everybody and what's up? I am so excited I can't wait to pour out what I have just learnt... "the rule of 5... Before I do that I will to say this JOHN C. MAXWELL ROCKS. He is an epitome of wisdom, I can honestly say that like Solomon, he asked God for wisdom to teach His people.
I went for his seminar 2 days ago and I can honestly say that I learnt so much. One of the things that i took with me from the seminar: " the rule of 5". The simplicity and yet the difficulty of the rule, makes it unique and when followed, is the key to success.
The example given: " if a man takes an axe and cuts a tree, but only cuts that tree 5 times a day, not more than 5 not less than 5, and he makes sure he does this everyday, one day that tree will fall down. When it falls down one cannot tell. It may fall down within weeks, it may take 1 year, or 6 months, depending on the size of the tree". The keynote to this: is determination, consistency and discipline in whatever one does. Now he (John) said that when you apply the rule of 5 in your business, in whatever you do you will succeed.
First of all find out what your passion, your talent, your gift is. Because, trust me you don't want to spend the rest of your life doing something that you don't have a passion for. When you have identified your passion, you now look for your rule of 5. Mind you it may take you a while to find your rule of 5, but when you do it, it will be worth it.
Now John C. Maxwell said that he decided to be a writer 30 years ago, and then he looked for his rule of 5. He said as a writer everyday: he reads, he thinks, he files, he asks questions and he writes, he does this everyday. On his birthdays, christmas, sundays, EVERYDAY. It doesn't mean that he spends all day doing all theses things, but he makes sure that he does it everyday. Today he may write for 10 hours tomorrow he may just write for a minute. The thing is that he has been doing this for the past 30 years, and has become so good at it.
Notez Bien: His business EQUIP is the most successful business of its kind all over the world, and it has been this way because they practice the rule of 5 everyday.
P.S. Michael Phelps the great swimmer who is just 25 years old, who won 8 olympic gold medals at Beijing in 2008, says he swims everyday. No matter the day, be it a sunday, christmas, his birthday, its freezing, he swims everyday.
In summary what i am saying is that: "in other to succeed in life one has to be determined and discipline. It takes discipline to find your rule of 5 and do it everyday. It takes discipline to swim everyday of your life, no matter the odds.
For me I have decided to be a translator and a writer.... what is my rule of 5?:
Everyday i read (comprises of english and french)
Everyday i write
Everyday i translate
Everyday i ask questions
Everyday i keep files...
this is my rule of 5. what about yours?
Recommended book: " THE 21 IRREFUTABLE LAWS OF LEADERSHIP by John C. Maxwell
Have a lovely weekend.

Monday, July 12, 2010


Hi it been a while, i have been so busy, sorry for leaving you guys alone with a word. Anyway I am back once again. In future I will like to talk about money and making money, but not for today. In the mean time I will like to say the world cup is finally over and Spain deserves to win the cup. I just wish one of the African countries took the cup home. But, oh well it took Spain years to get here and I know that : so long as there is life there is hope. Who knows what will happen in Brazil 2014....
Now I will like to tell you a little secret, its about marriage. This thing that they say opposite attracts I feel strongly that it is very true. I have observed my husband for a while and I have come to realize that, we both have too love whatever the other person loves. That's the sacrifice about it. Now let me talk about channels, my husband loves National Geographic Channel, Discovery Channel, Animal Channel and the likes. I can not stand all those channels to me they are boring and to stiff. Now guess what channels I like...please don't laugh at me and I don't think its my I love Disney Channel, Cartoon Network, Universal Channel, TV5 and the likes. My baby can't stand it for one second and he cannot comprehend it. But you know what, we have come to an agreement. We watch what each other likes, just in other for us to be together. Even though I have to sleep through his Discovery Channel days or him mine we do this cos in marriage with all our difference, we have to make sacrifices. Differences come with shhhhhhhhhhhh please don't let him know I told
Ciao and Happy new week.
P.S: Learn to love your spouses differences its worth the while.

Saturday, July 3, 2010


Hi whats up? special eyah to Ghana for losing yesterday night, they should have not let Uruguay to equalize, in the first place. Anyways welcome home, you did a good job never the less. Now back to the main topic of today: I am doing something that has to do with the Niger Delta Basin and The Amazon Basin. I have found out that but basins are very similar in mammals, resources, terrain, rain forest, oppression and let me add now insecurity. As i studied the Niger Delta basin, something struck me, i was amazed at all the natural resources available in that basin, untouched and untapped. One of the resources that struck me was the Mangrove Pulp.
The Mangrove Pulp is a substance that is used for the production of paper, and do you want to know what it is being used for, as of today? it is being used for as local firewood. You can imagine the waste!!!! In my research i found out that a sample had been sent to a German company, after which the German company proposed coming to set up a factory/ office for the production of paper in Niger Delta, but like everything in Nigeria, till today as we speak nothing has been done concerning that. My question is this, if we have so much natural resources then why are we only concentrating on one? Why are we killing ourselves and causing insecurity because of it? Why is the country divided because of our precious black gold?
A geologist told me that they were told that in Nigeria, there isn't any natural resources on this earth that cannot be found, if looked for. It may not be in large quantities but at least they can be found. Now my question: "what can we as individuals do to change our nation? Because from what i have seen the government, is a forgotten issue, our parents era is over and it is time for us to take up the staff and right the wrongs our parents, fore fathers, presidents, politicians have done. Maybe someone reading out there can cash into the idea of bringing back the German company for the production of paper, despite the odds. Think of what it will do for our nation and the Niger Delta basin.
Before i get of for my weekend off, i will like to chip in something" i stumbled on an advert: "vacation in the Amazon rainforest". "Family vacations in the amazon forest, learn to live the life without civilization". For me my idea of a vacation will never be an experience in a rainforest, looking at wildlife and mammals, but those vacation resorts are making a fortune. Why can't Niger Delta be a tourist haven for all the crazy tourists who love adventures?
P.s "i pray for the black gold, our curse to dry up so that our senses can be put to use in the name of Jesus".

Thursday, July 1, 2010

Sometimes You Want To Hurt Back

Have you ever been in a situation where you just want to lash out at the ones you love. When you feel like hurting them back because of what they have done to you or because of the hurt you feel right now. Have you ever wondered why it is only the people you love that hurt you and see your pain. Have you ever wondered why in spite of the hurt, in spite of what they have done to you, you are expected to say sorry first because society dims fit or it is the right thing to do? Do not worry you are not alone. Everyone at one time or the other has been hurt by a loved one. It may have been so bad that suicide became an option.
I am here to tell you that you should just let go and move on. Forgiving and forgetting is not easy at all, don't let anybody lie to you, but when you choose to forgive and forget, it is one of the best thing in life.
As this new month begins, decide in your heart to forgive everyone, forgive your love ones, forgive your husband or wife who has cheated on you several times, forgive your father who was never there for you as a child, forgive your dear friend who betrayed you, forgive your colleagues who set you up, forgive everybody no matter the crime and trust me life will be better.
Take care of yourself and have a blessed, fulfilled, fantastic new month. Ciao