Tuesday, July 20, 2010


Have you ever be disappointed in your life? have you ever wanted something so badly but it never came?
i have asked why a million times and i haven't got a response...........
have you ever felt like a fool?
have you ever been taken for a fool?
have you been mistreated because you don't have money?
right now i don't know what to do.........
How can i trust somebody, with my work, with money with everything as a friend and then i get Slapped at the back, and all because of money.
Hey GOD i am broken down, beaten i don't know what to do.
Where will i get the money to redo it again.
Every night i seat down and look up at the ceiling, hoping that money will just fall down from heaven. or the problem will just go away.
cos i have tried everything.
Ah this one i am so hurt i don't know what to do to the person.
They say i should forgive, but how can i forgive, i preach about it, but how can i. forgiveness is the key to moving forward.
Whoever said that, should have told me that it wasn't easy.
because i just don't know how to forgive right now but i will try.
don't worry, i have cried, i have wailed and i have given up.
but i will do the work.
i will continue to do my best
i will just continue, please GOD help me.

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