Tuesday, May 21, 2013

My Heroine Of The Week/Beulah Chigbu

I came across Beulah's story a few months ago, and yesterday when I saw her picture on my friends dp I had to probe further. Beulah turned 4 yesterday, I was to put up this post yesterday but I was so tired after my numerous activities, which I will gist y'all another day, so its coming today a day later and still as wonderful as well.

Question: why should a 4 years old girl be my heroine?

Answer: a lot. I don't even know where to begin but I will start from somewhere. .

Beulah who was born on the 20th of May, in Nigeria was diagnosed with Tibial hemimelia of the right leg, which is a congenital absence of the tibia and in her case absence of the patella (Knee cap) in lay man's English she was born without a knee cap and the big bone between the knee and ankle, as a result of this, her leg had to be amputated. By the time she was 2 years old her leg was amputated. Her mother describes how she felt when she was given the news www.bellanaija.com/2013/03/28/bn-our-stories-our-miracles. You can also find pictures of Beulah on the link as well, since the internet I am using has refused to upload my pictures.. 

What strikes me about this little girl is her confidence, she is the most confident little girl I have ever come across and I will say thanks to her parents who have done a fantastic job. She is not shy, or afraid, she is ready to conquer the world, nothing is stopping her. I also like to say that her father is a wonderful father. from the time she was 3 months her father would talk to her, tell her how pretty and wonderful she was, and all the sweet magical words that fathers can say to their daughters which builds their confidence and make them grow into great beautiful strong women. 

From my little research I know that a good relationship with daddy creates a fantastic marriage, relationship. Trust me no man can tell a little girl, who sees her father as her hero, lies, you can't mess with her, you can't deceive her. Thumbs up to her father 


When I put up her picture on my dp, a friend of mine asked me about her and I narrated the story one things she said was: "Mehn see her confident smile and people that have two legs will be there complaining", this got me thinking. I need to stop complaining and thank God for everything I have no matter how little. 

I am in love with people who see beyond their disabilities and live a wonderful fulfilled life.

Please if you have a story you would like to share with us, just send me an email @ tmkamson@gmail.com

As you read this post spread the news you never know this may save a life

N/B: the IREDE foundation has been set up by Beulah's mother. Please check it out.


Thursday, May 16, 2013


With children's day coming up this month, Juma.com.ng one of Nigerian's leading and most trafficked e-commerce company, according to globally renowned web information services Alexia.com, sent me an email to put up their children's day charity initiative flyer. Please as you stop by the secretlilies blog today, don't fail to like Jumia.com page, follow them on twitter and like their facebook page, thank you 

Make a difference this Children’s Day with Jumia.com

Lagos, Nigeria, May 13, 2013- As the world gets ready to mark yet another Children’s Day, your number 1 online retailer, Jumia.com has introduced a charity give-back initiative using its social media platform. “In celebrating this year’s children’s day, we at Jumia in addition to other onsite initiatives will be giving back to the less privileged children in the society using our Facebook and Twitter pages. This is an initiative that will require the support of our friends on social media, how? It starts with a like or follow on Facebook and Twitter respectively. We are very grateful to our friends who have supported the cause so far; as we speak we have already raised N5, 877 in the first day. ”, this was according to Opeyemi Adetomiwa, community manager at Jumia.com.
All it takes is for every ‘like’ on the Jumia Facebook and ‘follow’ on their Twitter pages, N1 will be donated to a charity on children’s day. SO, all you need do to put a smile on the face of that needy child this Children’s Day is to ‘like’, ‘follow’ and ‘share’ with your own friends, it’s that simple.
Click here to start ‘liking’, you could be the reason for that kids smile.

 Jumia.com.ng is the leading and most trafficked e-commerce company in Nigeria, according to globally renowned web information service Alexa.com. Our website enjoys about 70,000 unique visitors daily, making us 5th most viewed local content site in Nigeria, Jumia.com.ng sells a broad range of products including fashion, consumer electronics and home appliances, mobile devices, books, baby’s toys and gifts, fragrances, beauty products, games, event tickets; Visit www.jumia.com.ng . 

Take care and have a lovely day 


Sunday, May 12, 2013


I was going to Adeola Odeku in Victoria Island, Lagos when I spotted this in traffic, now cos I was with my darling and alone I couldn't take the picture. Fast forward to this evening, I went out with a friend, convinced her to go through this route again, she not only went through this route but she stopped by the side of the road while I took a proper picture. This can only happen in Nigeria don't you think?

Hope you have a good laugh as I did and have a wonderful week ahead.

Wednesday, May 8, 2013


Inspiration Wednesday: I checked my archives and thought to share these stories with you. A while back I watched the show "the secret millionaire" and they feature LIZ JACKSON. Now if you don't know this show it's a show where millionaires disguise themselves and go into the slums looking for people to help, to give them a brighter feature. What struck me about this millionaire is that she was/ is blind, despite this she has a successful business,which employs about 130 people, 6 offices, a husband and a daughter.

Second person is our very own Cohbams Asuquo we all know he is blind, he was born blind, yet he has over come this and done very well for himself. I love the speech he gave @ TEDxEuston, his topic: "The gift of Blindness". I loved the way he talked about the brighter side of his situation: he had said something once that: "being blind is his legal right to take a bowl, stand on the road and start begging, but he choose not to do that. Today he is one of the most successful Nigerian music producers. He too has a wife and a wonderful son.

Two things common about Cohbams and Liz is that they didn't seat down blaming the whole world for their problems instead they choose to work around it and make a difference, succeed in life like every other person.

I think it is time we look back at our lives and tell ourselves that we can succeed no matter what.

Take care of yourself and have a lovely day.

Check out this YouTube channel the gift of blindness: Cohbams Asuquo at TEDxEuston-YouTube.com

Monday, May 6, 2013


Lara Daniels  a registered nurse by day and an avid African romance suspense author at night. In 2009 she published her first novel "Love in Paradise", now this one I still haven't read, but will soon get round to reading it, but her second novel "Love at Dawn" I did read and I must say I was shocked that I loved it, very interesting as well. Her third one, "Lessons in Love", I am dying to read. This I must say is going to be an interesting read. The excerpt I have read I cannot wait to gobble the entire book. I looove the character Tara and the way she talks  OMG... trust me I don't want to give out to much but please please crab your copies now...

Ha before I forget Tara does get some lessons in love from Jimi...hmmm would they fall in love or will they not? My lips are sealed..

The book is available on amazon right now, or check her website www.laradaniels.org or www.laradanielwrites.com for more information.

Wish you all a wonderful week ahead.


Wednesday, May 1, 2013


Hi everyone I hope we all enjoyed the one day bank holiday...for me I did... I had been thinking of how I was going to make it to the book reading today, as you all know Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie was reading from her new book "Americanah" at Patabah bookshop in surulere. Since the owner of the bookshop is a friend I had called in earlier asking for a signed copy, thank God I did cos by the time I got there the paperback was almost all gone.

The book shop was so full inside and outside I couldn't believe what I was seeing. Like my friend said in her own words: "chei chimamanda has hammered". LOL...

I certainly got my book autographed by her and I was so excited. I must say she looks lovelier in person and yes she doesn't like Brazilian, Peruvian hair....lol.. but Mehn!!!! does her hair look very healthy.

I asked a young man to please use my phone and record a few of the answer and question clips, as I had my darling Yosola with me, standing and sweating at the same time. Now this guy: I just don't want to call him names: he didn't do anything at all...pssssshhhhhh (sighing out loud).
Anyways these are some of the pictures I took...

I tried to get the picture of the guy standing behind her with the phone but couldn't... I think he is her manager or something... My dears she really has hammered..
People outside the bookshop.. all these books gone by the end of the event..

I am so tired now just loosened my hair and had a wash, want to settle in and begin reading the book, but can't at this moment, need to rest before my madam wakes up...

Do take care of yourself and have a lovely day

N/P: Stanbic IBTC just sacked 250 staff
Visa Phone just sacked about 60 staff... I hear for the Stanbic IBTC that this is just the beginning as they want to have more outsourced staff and less permanent staff...

Hmmm I can't imagine what the families, that were affected by this would be going through.. I just pray for them that they will find the courage to see this through.

N/P ; http://www.africanaturalistas.com/2013/04/words-of-man-in-love-with-struggling.html

Please check this link out.. Temi was asked to write a post about how he supports me with my natural hair journey and this is what he wrote.. I hope you enjoy it.