Friday, January 20, 2012

E-books What's Your Take On It?

Hi !!!!! It is Friday again the weekend begins... Is anyone has baffled as I am the way the days are just flying past. Very soon we would be talking about another Christmas...hmmm.
All your new year's resolutions how far?

Well I want to behave like the lizard and praise myself, please permit me to...
"Today is the 18Th day of no coca cola, and I have been drinking a lot of water.
Thank God.
I have considerately cut down on my junk food and I try to eat more fruits, veggies and"..
Please compliment me thank you...(broad Smile)...

Anyways to the topic of today...

I am not really a fan of e-books. I am an old fashion reader. I love the idea of cuddling under the duvet and flipping through the passages of the book, that is just me.
While I would grumble at the fact that Temi would read books or whatever on the Ipad, I have come to see the importance of e-reading...

Anyways the first e-book I read was about two weeks ago, even though I was uncomfortable in the beginning, I became glued. Who can drop a good book no one.
Now I have read about 10 e-books.
I am slowly loving the advantages of e-reading.
1. It is cheaper to buy (even though I never care about prices when I go book shopping).
2. It's not bulky. Very good cos it saves you the excess luggage wahala, when traveling (which I am praying I don't have as I go back, cos I have over 20 novels and they are not e-books...oh God).
3. This is the best for me... I get to check the words I don't know and their meanings in the dictionary right away. This helps my vocabulary, and very good for an aspiring writer. (unlike the traditional way of dropping the book, looking for the big dictionary, and searching for the words. Who has that time? Time is money...don't you think).

Even though I have a big lovely bookshelf which I have vowed to fill up before the end of this year. I think the e-book route is fast becoming a winner in the book world.

I will like to thank you to Stelzz who told me about the author that made a killing for her e-books. Her name is Amanda Hocking she is 26 years old and she is a bestselling author. She gets 70%of her book sales, and she sells around 100,000 copies per month. She sells her books for $3 and some for $.99. So you do the maths. She says she now writes full time as she can now pay the bills from her writing.
It was after her success, a traditional book publisher signed a deal with her. Her books are now going to be produced in paper back and hardcover. Her advise to authors: edit, edit, edit, edit.....
For more info about Amanda Hocking check out this link:

So now you know why I am leaning towards e-books... (wide smile).

Do take care of yourself and have a lovely weekend.

Ciao .


  1. Congrats on staying off fizzy drinks ... LOL!

    I also like e-books and buy them when I can (and download all the FREE ones I can too), but I really like traditional, old-fashioned books too. So I read BOTH. After all, the content is what counts.

  2. @The relentless Builder thank you. And yes I forgot to add i download all the free e-books i can.

  3. I have not read an e-book yet. I love reading though and hope to do that soon. Will check out Amanda Hocking.
    18 days without Coca Cola? That's an achievement esp cos you were once hooked on it. Way to go girl. *Thumbs up*. Keep crunching on those veggies and fruits. Your skin will glow and you will be glad at the many other benefits.

    1. Thank you. Try with the free ed-books i am sure you would get hooked. If you like romance like be check out julie Garwood's free books they are good.

  4. I generally like e-books. Changing to them kinda reminds me of the days I stopped buying CDs when MP3s became the rage !! The only books I dont like buying in e-version are study guides and anything study related. Personally, I still like the actual hardcover print and marking out/highlighting stuff I need to better understand and scribbling notes besides printed text. If I'm not studying for an exam and its just a field guide, then having an e-books makes it easier coz I can carry an endless number of them around wherever I go.

    1. i don't think i can ever do e-book when studying..Lol.
      Studying is a chore then to add to the fact that it has to be e-reading.. Come on!!!!

  5. I think I will have to get on with this ebook thing as I am getting too much of them in my e-library. lol

  6. Love the blog, need to take notes from you :-)!
    Thanks for stopping by!

  7. I love E-Books and Audio books..Real Books make me feel reluctant to even read.

  8. I agree. I got an iPad for Christmas and I bought the bible. I have been very good at reading some of it every day, like when I snack or following lunch with my kids and they run off to play.

    1. Good. yep i hear the Ipad is good. MY FRIEND has the audio bible and she loves it.

  9. you're welcome dear. I haven't actually read much of e-books though i have a lot of them on my system. I'll def get to it soon. I still prefer the old fashioned way but you know we have to move with the tide as change is the only constant thing. So if we have to do both e-books and paper backs/hardcovers then why not?

  10. I am really ambivalent on ebooks. I see the benefits of it commercially, I have sold a couple on amazon. But I struggle to use it in reality =/

  11. I love to read but when I purchased my e-reader I just couldn't fiqure out how to use it so I'm back to reading books. I will have to fiqure out these electronics soon because a e-reader is so much easier and lighter to carry!

    Thanks for visiting me at Shannon's Tales of Motherhood via World Bloggers Community and following me, I follow you back!
    Take care,
    Shannon F.