Thursday, May 26, 2011

What Will You Do If Your Brother's Fiancee is a Prostitute

Hello guys...saying welcome to the new followers. I hope you have a lovely time here. This is a place where we share our thoughts, feelings and experiences...I HOPE...loll...

Driving past law school around 10pm I saw the night workers all dressed scantily scouting around for customers. I could even spot one or two cars who had stopped, waiting for the girls to come on board after a nice bargain...

I asked myself this question: "what will I do if I found out that the girl my precious brother wanted to marry was once a prostitute?

Honestly I know I will rant and rave and try to frustrate the girl out of my brother's life.
I am sure my mother will drag my brother from one pastor to another so they could cast the demons away
As for my father its a definite " his blood sugar will rise to boiling point...

But then, do I even know why this girl got into prostitution at all?
It's so easy for me to judge when I have never lived in want?
It's so easy for me to condemn when I have never gone hungry, even for an hour.

Even though I rebuke my self, I still am not sure I will let the girl step into my brother's life... and what if to add to the wahala, she can never have children...

ewwooo in this country?
In Africa?
In Nigeria?
That means no son to carry the family name when we all leave this earth.....

For me this is such a tough decision.
That's why I have asked this question, and I will like to know your reaction genuinely...

I know its not our right to judge people but can we help it when it's close to home?

Do have a great day and looking forward to reading your comments.

Monday, May 23, 2011

What do you think of BIG BROTHER

Hello everyone... its a new week.
A new week comes with its own challenges, aspirations, goals new beginnings and miracles..
For me the miracles I see even before I step out of my crib.. I hope you do to.

Now food for thought..
I was flipping through channels and I stumbled upon BIG BROTHER AMPLIFIED..

A lot of questions just popped into my mind LIKE : what do I really think about BIG BROTHER ...
Do I like the show or do I hate?
Do I feel it should be of the air or it should stay on air?
Do I feel that it has some moral values or none whatsoever?

Then I asked myself how will it look: if a married woman were to be a contestant on BIG BROTHER... I know there was a season where one of the contestants was a man married and if I can remember clearly he had an affair or almost did on TV.

What will it be like if there was a married woman there?
Will she loose her marriage as soon as the show is over?
Will she be the first person to be evicted?

According to my friend, she said that : "if she gets on BIG BROTHER she will be known as the christian sister. Every morning she will wake everyone up, for morning devotion... I laughed so hard that I couldn't breathe. I am sure she will definitely be the first person to be evicted...

Anyways these are my random thoughts.
Seriously do tell me what you think about BIG BROTHER AMPLIFIED...

Have a lovely day.

Saturday, May 14, 2011

Sharing my thoughts

Hi people guess a lot of us in Lagos were grateful for the rain today. For starters I was.
I love the weather after 1 week of excruciating sun. What do you think?
Well around 9am today, some friends and I went to the old people's home in Yaba.. Yes we do have an "old peoples home" in Nigeria. Imagine that...

About 2 weeks ago we had organized a garage sale for them and to the glory of God the sales was fantastic. I couldn't even believe the amount of money we got... There were a lot of things for sales from women shoes to baby clothes to men's clothes..

From the minute we started at 10am till the moment we rounded up by 4pm people came trooping in and purchasing, they were!!!!!!

As promised the proceeds will be used to take care of the old people in the "home".

Trust me its really gratifying when you make a difference in someones lives. The feeling is undesirable...
I urge you to do something to change someone's life today.

Do have a great day and I'm still keeping my fingers crossed: "my secret will soon be unveiled...loll..

Before I say ciao, I will like to say well done and thank you to a special friend of mine Zainab Musa... check out her blog

She really is someone one can count out.

Do take care of yourself and have a great weekend.


Monday, May 9, 2011

Everyone likes to be recognized

Hello everyone I am so sorry I have been incommunicado for a while. Been busy trying to start a new outfit, looking for cash-flow..loll, anyways will gist you about that later.

I have been reading this book by DALE CAARNEGIE " How to Win Friends & Influence People", and I have learnt that everyone no matter who they are, likes to be recognized, treated with some respect, importance, if you know what I mean.....
Have you notice that as humans we tend to like people who treat us in a special way? And We don't like people who treat us as though we are not important. I will like to share this little story:

"Hall Caine a poor blacksmith's son, loved sonnets and ballets; so he devoured all of Dante Gabriel Rossetti's poetry. He even wrote a lecture chanting the praises of Rossetti's achievements- and sent a copy to Rossetti himself. Rossetti was delighted. "Any young man who has just an exalted opinion of my abilities", Rossetti probably said to himself, " must be brilliant". So Rossetti invited the blacksmith's son to come to London and act as his secretary. That was the turning point in Hall Caine's life, for, in his new position, he met the literary artists of the day. Profiting by their advice and inspired by their encouragement, he launched upon a career that emblazoned his name across the sky.

His home, Greeba castle, on the Isle of Man, became a Mecca for tourists from the far corners of the world, and he left a multimillion dollar estate. Yet who knows he might have died poor and unknown had he not written an essay expressing his admiration for a famous man.

Have you noticed how people become more welcoming when you genuinely flatter them. Like i saw a friend of mine today and I loved his yellow shirt, by a Nigerian designer NACK. I told him genuinely that I loved his shirt. You will not believe this he is now a prospective client. HMM he may never have considered doing business with me, if I had just said "hi and walked away".

The life of many a person could probably be changed if only someone would make him feel important"

N/B: Try making someone feel important this week. Genuinely be interested in the next person by your side. Compliment their hair, their clothes, the way they smile, their output at work and see how they will react.

Do have a nice week and make the most of it.
Ciao bellas...