Monday, May 9, 2011

Everyone likes to be recognized

Hello everyone I am so sorry I have been incommunicado for a while. Been busy trying to start a new outfit, looking for cash-flow..loll, anyways will gist you about that later.

I have been reading this book by DALE CAARNEGIE " How to Win Friends & Influence People", and I have learnt that everyone no matter who they are, likes to be recognized, treated with some respect, importance, if you know what I mean.....
Have you notice that as humans we tend to like people who treat us in a special way? And We don't like people who treat us as though we are not important. I will like to share this little story:

"Hall Caine a poor blacksmith's son, loved sonnets and ballets; so he devoured all of Dante Gabriel Rossetti's poetry. He even wrote a lecture chanting the praises of Rossetti's achievements- and sent a copy to Rossetti himself. Rossetti was delighted. "Any young man who has just an exalted opinion of my abilities", Rossetti probably said to himself, " must be brilliant". So Rossetti invited the blacksmith's son to come to London and act as his secretary. That was the turning point in Hall Caine's life, for, in his new position, he met the literary artists of the day. Profiting by their advice and inspired by their encouragement, he launched upon a career that emblazoned his name across the sky.

His home, Greeba castle, on the Isle of Man, became a Mecca for tourists from the far corners of the world, and he left a multimillion dollar estate. Yet who knows he might have died poor and unknown had he not written an essay expressing his admiration for a famous man.

Have you noticed how people become more welcoming when you genuinely flatter them. Like i saw a friend of mine today and I loved his yellow shirt, by a Nigerian designer NACK. I told him genuinely that I loved his shirt. You will not believe this he is now a prospective client. HMM he may never have considered doing business with me, if I had just said "hi and walked away".

The life of many a person could probably be changed if only someone would make him feel important"

N/B: Try making someone feel important this week. Genuinely be interested in the next person by your side. Compliment their hair, their clothes, the way they smile, their output at work and see how they will react.

Do have a nice week and make the most of it.
Ciao bellas...


  1. That Dale carnegie book is one of my never to be forgotten non fiction books. Indeed, everyone wants to be recognized.

    I hope your new outfit takes off, good luck.

  2. thanks Myne it will. And yes u just got it.

  3. Totally agree with taking notice of others and being nice to them. I tend to 'shmooze' for work and I find people respond well to someone who takes an interest in them.

    However, the challenge is to be sincere - show interest in all (evn those you have nothing to gain from)

  4. I got that book in a 2 bundle set, along with "Leadership Mastery: How to Challenge Yourself & Others to Greatness", which I havent gotten round to reading. But I remembered reading the book you mentioned and it is very true. I like what "Naijamum in London" said though - the challenge is to be sincere.

  5. I agree with Naijamum, sincerity is key. Don't compliment people for selfish reasons or with a hidden agenda but do so out of true appreciation... it comes naturally anyways; if you think it, then say it..

  6. yes really true guys. But i know that if one genuinely goes out of ones way to look for something they like in a person they will find it.

  7. Like the saying goes, its better to be Kind than right. If we all see the good not the right..sometimes being right has to hold off so to let kindness show fort..

  8. You're right about finding something good if we look hard enough. I's so easy to be negative but it does make a huge difference when we make an effort to lift others down instead of pulling them down.
    I feel at home here cos we use the same template. You know what they say about great minds :o)
    All the best with your startup