Sunday, December 4, 2011


Hi everyone.
I hope you are all okay, well rested and ready for the week.
For me I am and happy for various reasons.
Before I forget: " A big shout out to my new followers thank you so much for making secret lilies your home, and for the comments I love them.
Thank you.

I have been thinking about our educational system for a while now:
Men!!!! we have a long way to go.
I joined a friend to the art institute in Atlanta, and I was shocked at what I saw. This school is a school that's focused more on hands-on than book work/ reading. They do the general courses which is mandatory for every higher institution but they focus more on practicals than theory.

It got me thinking a lot of my mates, friends, parents, Nigerians, do not know what they actually want to be when they grow up. We almost all go into the university studying courses to please our parents or because society.

I have always said this if I have a university I will not offer courses like law, medicine, engineering etc. I will not have the traditional school. I will have courses like cartooning, game creation, interior design, drafting, agriculture, farming, etc.. I will like my students to be able to come to school and get a degree in whatever they want to do, not what their parents want

In Nigeria we look down on polytechnics or yaba tech, etc cos they aren't the traditional universities?
Even when the state governments or organizations offer scholarships to students, they offer the traditional courses. So if I am in the Arts I can only get a scholarship to study LAW nothing creative. Science: engineering etc and Medicine...

I have a friend who loves making-people up, but she will not go to a cosmetology school because her father will not pay her fees, so she is stuck with one science course and hoping that one day she will be able to fulfill her dream..

I pray and I wish that we will all fulfill our dreams.
At that school yesterday I felt like going to enroll and start all over again, this time spending 4 years doing what I like not what my parents want or what society feels is accepted..

I wish and I hope that we will all fulfill our dreams cos this life is short.

Do take care of yourself and have a lovely week ahead.

P.S. A big thank you to Atilola. She gave me some very good points for my book. I am sure I will dedicate the book to her when it is eventually finished and published.