Tuesday, December 13, 2011


Hello dears. Whats up?
Okay like my last post said I was going to go on a diet.
Anyways I have started my diet.
Yesterday in the morning I took Special K with low fat milk for breakfast.
For lunch I got pottage beans cooked with a teaspoon of palm oil. You could have seen the way I looked at the food. It looked disgusting. I had to close my eyes to eat it up, even though it was very nice.
No fizzy drinks water all the way, and I hate water with a passion, but it is good for the body..sighs.
In between snacks was my greatest problem. When I had the cravings I had to either take watermelon, tangerine or oranges: no biscuits..no chocolates, no fizzy drinks, no bread etc..very hard I must confess. I am not a fruit person at all, even though the watermelon was to die for.

I must say its just my first day and I am lamenting.
I hope I will be able to do this for a week or two weeks.
Anyways from my little experience loosing weight ins't easy at all. Thumbs up to my friends who are on a diet.
Also I don't know why all the good food aren't on the top of the food menu.Why???

Anyways in my research I stumbled upon this guy who is a fitness expert. In his quest to find out how easy or hard it is to loose weight he decided to add weight. He took 6 months to add weight. From his pictures, I must say this: it is so easy to put on weight. Its like the thing just creeps in... Check out this website and let me know what you think.
do take care and have a lovely day.


  1. I remember that guy. He was on Dr.Oz show sometime ago and it is really is not hard to gain weight. But like they say, weight loss is a lifestyle thing. It is not just eating healthy and well for a couple of weeks. All the best on your diet.

  2. This guy has guts mehn! I'd be scared I won't be able to lose the weight anymore, but he's doing well already! Good for him.
    Consciously eating or abstaining from food is not easy at all oh! Good luck!

    @Okeoghene, that's just one side of the story oh, some people find it really really hard to gain weight as hard as it is to lose weight for others.

  3. All the best in your diet, but yeah, a long term lifestyle change is better. So try to incorporate some of what you learn in these two weeks into your usual routine.

  4. all the best in your diet. i'm also gradually trying to change my lifestyle into a healthy one. exercising, foods: eating more fruits, eating high fibre/wheat products (wheat spaghetti, brown rice :-( ), brown sugar in place of white, less salty foods, etc. its not been very nice but im gradually gettin used to it. once in a while we also eat the usual white parboiled rice and normal spaghetti.
    I guess the focus should be on the long run

  5. @Oke very true.
    @Coyintrovert the guy sure has guts i must say.
    @Myne Whitman thank you. And i will surely do that.
    @Stelzz yep i am trying to change my diet. Need to eat right for ones body.

  6. You can even do better than you think. It all depends on you. Wishing you luck. Visiting you from African Bloggers Community.

  7. All the best. I'm glad to be part of your blog. Please visit mine when you get the chance. I saw your blog in African bloggers community.

  8. I saw an interview about him. He said he ate the typical American diet of processed and quick foods to gain the weight. That, in itself, is a lesson Americans should learn--avoid processed foods in your diet. I know you don't like water, but over time, you won't miss the fizzy drinks. I cut them out years ago and then recently, iced tea (for medical reasons). I even drink water for breakfast and don't mind. It gets easier--hang in there!

  9. That sounds like some real work. Thankfully, I have never had to go on a diet before. Just like Stelzz, I'm trying to eat healthier foods now. All the best dear and hopefully you will not back down after a few weeks.

  10. Ah! that looks hard. Thank God for mama's gene. How's it going?