Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Money! Money! Money!

Whats up lilies? How are you today & how did your day go? Interesting I suppose, cos mine was interesting, and dont worry I will tell you all about it. Before I left my house this morning, I asked God for favour. My itinerary for today was : go to the bank, fill my tank, buy my experience tee-shirt and then go to the reading room. (hellooooooo the reading room is where i usually chat). The bank was number 1 cos i had to make some transactions for my husband. As i got to the bank, long story started, but as God will have it I was able to complete the transaction. Secondly on my way to the bank all the fuel stations I passed had a queue, it was as though 'fuel scarcity' had returned in full force...I am so sorry I missed out the most interesting part of the story, on my way to the reading room LASTMA stopped me (Am sure you all know them). The guy started telling me of how I was going to pay 50k and then pay 20k for driving lessons for two weeks. After all the long grammer i just told the man that i didn't have that kind of money to spend. In fact what actually changed his mind was when I called him my friend, he was shocked. He told me that so long as he wears this uniform, people see him as the enemy. After everything we gisted and he got off the car, I gave him something though but that was because i wanted to and it was just his lunch........we even talked about Christ. God's favor is real........ Now back to the topic for today 'Money'. this five letter word is very strong. Its a medium of exchange and a lot of times its the key to walk into highly guarded offices.......if you know what i mean.
Questions have been asked, should a woman be rich? why is it that when a woman has money men shy away from her? the questions go on and on and on. Different people have their different views about it and i don't judge them for that, but for me I think a woman should be rich. I think a woman should be able to invest and be amongst the richest people in the world. I also believe that she can have all the fame, wealth and still have a family ie a husband and children. I believe that a man shouldn't feel threatened by the accomplishments of his wife

A book am reading, 'Rich Woman' by Kim Kiyosaki the wife of the famous Robert Kiyosaki of the 'rich Dad Poor Dad'....talks about women and investment. (i think all women should endeavour to read this book). In the forward of her husband, Robert said this: 'after complementing his wife, he said that obviously when he met her it was her outer beauty that attracted him first, but after their date he discovered that she was not just a pretty head but she had a brain.
The forward of Sharon Lechter, she said : ' you don't get married expecting to get divorced. Many women end up staying in unhappy and unhealthy relationships because of money'.
'in a job, the more successful you become, the busier you are, and the less time you have for other endeavors'.
'often it is that first step that is the most difficult. By taking control of your own financial future you will find the self-confidence to help you in all areas of your life'

All these highlighted points brings us to one direction...money and investement.
It is not wrong, or sinful to want to be rich and financial free as a woman. The good thing is that you can have all that and have a healthy family life. The beauty of investing and having your own thing is this: you are your own boss. how does it sound? am sure every body likes to be his own boss, as for me i can't wait to become by own boss. I can choose my work time. I can wake up anytime I want, wear what I like to wear and especially travel anytime I want to travel.
I will stop here for today and will continue tomorrow, but I want to ask you this question: ' what type of woman do you want to become? do you want to live this earth without any trace left of you or you want to be remembered? think of having money this way, it will make you feel less of a sinner....lol..... you can become one of the greatest philanthropists in the world. With money you will be able to donate 1million bibles in countries like Indian, food for the poor etc... that way you help spread the gospel.
Note: it is not a sin neither is it bad to want and love a beautiful life. Life is short. Enjoy all the good things of life. After all God told Abraham:' I will give you all the good things in life'.
Tata! and have a nice day.