Saturday, December 31, 2011


It's still not new year in America just about an hour to midnight. But I know it is already new year in Naija, so I can't wait to start blogging for the new year.
This year has finally come with it lovely surprises and I am sure blessings for everyone.

Now this new year I have decided to do something really different. Originally when I started this blog I didn't really know what I would be posting about. I just thought I would post my random musings but as the time went by I realized that I could do more.
I have a passion for investments, motivational stories and female empowerment. I am of the opinion that females should do more in society especially in Africa. I would spend this year researching about strong women in the world. Women who have made impacts in the world, in their communities and in their families. Women who have conquered their fears and achieved their goals, despite all the obstacles.
I will also drop tips on business. As you all know I just started my handbag line (even though its not out yet I am in the process). This year I would also take you through my handbag making journey.

Yes my random musings would be included in my post, just to spice up the blog. Don't want the blog to be too technical. It should have a little flexibility.

Now said: my goals are numerous..loll... Not so but I have vowed to be a better person. Would post at least 3 times a week. Write as often as I can no matter how little and make sure I am committed to making my life, my family and my surroundings better.

Do take care of yourselves and have a lovey day.
Once again happy new year. I am sure we would all have fun together.