Friday, January 7, 2011

Hott Info

Hey everyone, saying welcome to our new members: thank you so much for supporting this blog and I wish you a happy new year.

Now back to the gist of the day...

I heard this hot gist yesterday and I couldn't sleep... Tyra Banks interviewed a lady who started a blog and in 3 weeks she had like 100,000 hits...OMG.... How come?

I have been a blogger since November 2009 and I don't have that many followers, what am I saying: I don't even have up to a quarter of what she has....

How did she do it?
What sort of magic did she work?

Been cracking my brain, and then it hit me... The name of her blog....

Do you really want to know what the name of her blog is ? Well here it is..... "

Quickly I checked it out and you will not believe it, she just writes daily things that her husband does, which anyone married understands...Stuffs like leaving his dirty socks on the couch.....HMMMM
That is just it and she has become popular, she gets like 318 responses or comments for a post...Whaooooo!!!!! Please help me before I

Hmm!!!!! me I have told my hubby that I will soon change my blog, rename it don't you think, to maybe.... myhusbandisannoying/african

Who knows I may surpass her hits like 1,000,000 in a month or something crazy......

The bottom line is that she has challenged me as a blogger...

Every blogger or aspiring blogger should, before commencing your journey as a blogger, should think of what they want to blog about, your target audience, and methods by which you can be famous.....

I am serious working on IT and I will get back to you shortly....

P.S: don't think I have forgotten about our book review ...." Think & Grow Rich by Napoleon Hill...just giving us time to get the book and read it....

Please if you have some tips as to how to grow one's blog subscription, followers, fame etc feel free to share, cos I am really in need of some...



  1. LOL Ibifiri, popularity stunts toh bad!
    Trust is, I have surveyed and I noticed people are attracted to blogs for different reasons... fun and laughter seem to be one of the most popular reasons, that is why blogs about sex/love, celebrity gossip and fashion receive a lot of hits

    Information/education blogs attract only like minds. there's also the issue of groupies. some bloggers follow and comment on posts from friends only... u may want to add style to the list cos when a blog is fun to read either grammatical or for use of jokes then most readers are bound to return

    Lest i forget, the blogger's interaction with other bloggers count - i mean in terms of feedback.
    Lastly, bloggers are everyday people with regular lifestyle so sometimes they are need to take a break and attend to pressing issues outside blogsville.

    Finally, the follow button keeps them coming back cos then they get an alert on new posts.... and well...
    pple hate long posts... just like this reply of mine...
    maybe thats why im not getting 1000 comments LOL... well whateva!!!

  2. this is a serious lol. all bloggers are different and for me i follow a blog when the topic interests me . annoying husbands are not just annoying they are also everywhere so you re bound to get hooked to the blog. somehow we can all relate to the posts and experiences ,even us single girls hoping to get married. on the other hand tamu i really like how you interact with your followers and secretlilies is bond to grow.

  3. @P.E.T. Project lmao..thanks for the tips. Will add the follow up button or something. But seriously I am thinking of revamping my blog. Since I am a writer it's good and it doesn't hurt to do that. Imagine that amount on one's blog and then you come out with your book. OMG... You will be a millionaire...loll.. Thanks though for being an avid follower.

    @Mbabazi yep true and everybody ladies especially can relate to that blog annoying husbands. Thanks for the compliment though, I appreciate. Will keep up the good work and watch secretlilies grow.

  4. ...very interesting to know that popularity stunts win the vote but I'll rather like to think that sometimes blogging about such things that cut across the sexes has a lot to do with the interest generated.

    The sexes (men are from Mars, and Women are from Venus..) have always been a sore spot because really you can't live with them or come to think of it WITHOUT them.

    I will read, laugh and comment on these posts, praying all the while that the disease of annoying husbands PASS me by...LOL...Amen, though..


  5. Just started following your blog after this inspiring, well with blogging, you have to take it one step at a will get there, loving the blog so far.

  6. @melissa thanks for stopping by... yes you make a point, but trust me her audience..women....just like a handful of men... so i'm still thinking what to rename my blog...loll....

  7. Hmmmmmmmmmm, no fair! How come me being 'The Desperate Naija Woman' did nothing for me. LOVL!

    Sincerely dia, we need to be sure of WHY we blog. To sell books, make money or point people to God or all of the above. I say ALL of the above BUT with pointing to God being my centre. My driving force.

    I used to drive myself crazy checking out how many new followers I had each day or how many page views.......I was growing older by the nanosecond! with a migraine too! Lol! It had to stop. So I sat with God again and clarified my reasons for blogging, left it all to him and just got on with enjoying my blog, knowing that if God continues to breath on it, IT will be GOOD. And it has been GOOD and isonly getter better and I am having so much FUN!

  8. I think if you want to blog for the count & probably money, then tailor your blog around topics that'll bring a large number of followers & followers that'll keep coming back - for women I guess thats about relationships, for men sports and porn most likely rank top. So if you blog about say local politics in the southeast corner of your already remote town, and you're wondering why you dont have a huge following - well maybe its becoz not many people can relate or have any interest at all in the local politics of that corner of your little town, unless of course you make it witty. Hope you catch my drift.

  9. LOL dear, i agree with @desperatenaijawoman we need to know why we're blogging then focus on what to do to make it worthwhile.
    @P.E.T projects nailed it too. networking is important. God help us.

  10. @wendal I get what you mean, but I do have a focus and I will stick to it. I know that it will grow one day. It may not be the norm but it will be alright.
    @remiroy yep networking is the key for everything in this life..,so I have started my networking strategy. lol
    @desperatenaijawoman..I like your drive and yes I can remember when I was getting a migraine over how many followers I had, but now I have slowed down on it, big time..I just enjoy blogging.
    @yankeenaijababe thanks for stopping by and becoming a member. Yep we just have to take it a step at a time, like with everything in this world.

  11. Carrie @

    Hi Tam,
    Although she has lots of followers it's actually a sad reflection of our society. Instead of a woman affirming her husband publicly she and her followers bash their spouses. My husband would be mortified if I posted something like that about him. I woul love to see a blog where wives talk about the good stuff in marriage. BTW thanks for your sweet comment on my blog.

  12. Thanks Carrie said this way it's so true. I know I can never write about that, never. I always highlight the good qualities of my husband any day any time.
    Thank you for stopping by.

  13. @Carrie, well said.

    I enjoy blogging and its kind of a ministry for me. I am using my platform to share the good new and also empowering women and men alike.

    Dont follow the bandwagon, it will not bring you any lasting satisfaction at all. My readership has been increasing with each post, there is no gimmick to it. It will take time, anything good usually does.

    Stick with your original vision and if you dont have one, then its time to regroup and refocus again.


  14. amazing info !!!!! :D
    thxs for following my work !
    following u back from
    - much love
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  15. @Bukky thank you, and yes I will just stick to my goal. at times its is hard, but above all, I love it.
    @Pooja thanks for becoming a follower, really appreciate.

  16. Hello there. I am following you now via google reader. Thanks for coming over to The Compassion Fashion Project and visiting, I really do appreciate it.

    Just remember good things come to those who wait. Sometimes I think this concept has more to do with ourselves internally than anything else. As long as we are all growing as individuals and concentrating on where we are right now in conjuction with where we want to go, then success is yours. Life is a's just not an express train for most:)

    Keep writing~Meredith

  17. Hi Tam,
    Thanks for stopping by my blog.
    I agree with Carrie and Bukky. Yes she has loads of followers, but to what end. Even if she does make a lot of money, what about the quality of her marriage. "A man's life does not consist in the abundance of his possessions" is what the Bible says...Me I'll like to switch it up and say "a bloggers life does not depend on the abundance of her followers" :-P
    While I would like to have a lot of followers, it's more important to me that every part of my life makes God smile..
    now following...

  18. @Meredith thank you. And it is so true...A bloggers life is an internal thing..You blog about what you are called for by God.
    @Gbemisoke thank you so much. I like that fact, every part of my life should make God smile. Your also my mother in law's name sake and trust me she is a very lovely woman.

  19. While I agree that the motivation for blogging is that people should read, it should not ultimately be the hits that takes over us. But I must confess, people's ideas are awesome. I love it when simple ideas work.

    - LDP

  20. I like your blog. I hope you've visited It's a group blog I founded in '05 and we can talk about a collabo. It doesn't have the millions of hits, but it makes the rounds on fb.