Saturday, April 21, 2012

Fantastic Friday night

Hello dears.
I had lamented about how boring my life had become... well I went to Mushin yesterday and it was the must beautiful experience I had ever had in a long time. I watched the market unfold before my eyes. It just dawned on me: every time we complain about the government not doing anything?
What have we done for ourselves, our little family, our community to make it better?... (Topic for another day)
Wow yesterday I realized that there a lot of talents in Nigeria, the sad part about it is that these talents are discovered when poverty comes to play. Why can't it be discovered when we are comfortable? ( I guess a little comfortability makes us a little bit lazy). Poverty begets creativity and talent.
So in this Mushin, there were men making shoes, working with leather(Italian, Spanish, faux, fur etc) you name it. LOL the sad part is that I saw all types of designer logo in the market, from Clarks to Manchester united, ( now this news is story for another day). But I must say that their work is fantastic. The new wave of development, money, riches, awareness is going to come from the creative mind. When there isn't any job, creativity kicks in and like the saying say: "man must chop".
I also realized that there are people in this same country of mine who make serious money legitimately. Interesting don't you think?

I leave you guys today to enjoy your weekend and make sure you have a lovely time.