Wednesday, August 31, 2011


Hello everyone,

I decided to be a little bit bold today and talk about SEX.

I have always wondered why it is so difficult for parents to talk about Sex with their kids.
I know I didn't get the sex talk from my parents. Were they shy? Or was it because of the society? (You know in some places its still considered an abomination to talk about it)
What would they have done if I had boldly asked them to teach me about sex.
Why is it that in our society sex is still a hush hush topic, especially amongst the religious sect.
Why is it that we behave as though it doesn't exist.
Why is it that when you talk about it you are automatically labeled a very bad girl or boy?
Why do people behave as though they don't know anything about it, when we are evidence that our parents had sex at least once?

One day On her show, Tyra Banks interviewed a few teenage girls, who where less than 14 and who had all had sex. All of them said that they would have wished that their parents had, had the sex talk with them. They said if they had had the sex education they probably wouldn't have dabbled into sex that early, or listened to their friends...Now this is America?

Can you imagine how difficult it is out here.
How many kids get the sex talk from their parents?

A girl told me that when she saw her period for the first time she didn't know what it meant. When she told her mother about it, her mother told her that now she had become a woman and that if a boy touched her she would become pregnant...

Now imagine when she realized that touching didn't make you pregnant. I am sure she would have been disappointed that her mother lied. Concluding in her mind that her friends knew better about SEX than her mother.
(Peer pressure)

Or is it a boy who just discovers that he has started having wet dreams, in the hostel, and is being teased by his bunk mates. Or has just been introduced into the deadly snarl of masturbation. Emotions running wild, confusion, enjoyment, gratification, shame and then father not there to give him the man to man talk? Imagine what he will grow up thinking.

I wonder why then do we have kids when we can't talk to them about anything?

There was this research that said almost 75% of married women do not have an orgasm. This news is a bit controversial, but it will shock you to know that a lot of women and men have never had proper sex education.

Sex or lack of it is one of the things that results in marriages crashing. Either, the man isn't getting enough or the women is just not interested, or both of them haven't taken the time to understand each other's needs..

It's sad that even when we go to meet our spiritual heads, they do not give us the real facts about sex.

I wish we will grow into a generation that can comfortably talk about sex: "the bad and the good". I wish we will be able to give our children the sex talk without shouting down their heads or lying about it to them or making them feel they will burn in hell because their hormones are very active.

I want to have sons, and I pray that when the time comes they will be able to talk to me about their first crush, their first kiss, the changes they notice in their bodies as they approach puberty and the almighty sex talk....In fact I want them to be able to tell me anything.

Please let me know if your parents ever gave you the sex talk and what stories they told cos I know a lot of our parents told us a lot of funny stories about SEX.