Sunday, February 10, 2013


First of all I will like to say congrats to Nigeria for winning the African cup of nations... Now I must confess I didn't support them at all, didn't even believe in them but I guess I had to eat my words when we did a go job today.

Now back to our topic for today.... it baffles me that a country where almost 80% of the population live under a dollar, yet they able to survive, in the grassroots, the corner shops guys are able to survive everyday. I got into a discussion with the lady that usually comes to my house to clean, and we were just talking about everything. As we were talking I asked her if she was still selling recharge cards for phones, she said no and I asked why? in her own words:

Me: why did you stop selling the cards
Cleaner: because no gain
Me: are you serious?
Cleaner: yes aunty
Me: so what will you do now
Cleaner: I have a shed were I sell small small things like groundnut, garri, etc
Me: are you serious. And how much did you use to start it?
Cleaner: ten thousand Naira
Me: that's great. but do you make profits
Cleaner: yes I do, like when I buy a bucket of groundnut for seven hundred naira, by the time I sell it I make about #1,500 (naira) and groundnut and garri moves fast a lot.
Me: interesting
Cleaner: I want to start selling coke because it will bring more money
Me: that is very good.

After this talk with the lady it dawned on me that the money in Nigeria is not in the cooperate world, or in the banks, the money in Nigeria is on the streets. The equivalent of this lady, in America is the "mum and pop", stores.

Lessons learnt: if I behave like the cleaner with my money I will be able to have invested it in something small and be able to get at least #5,000 in my hands everyday.....

Note to self: we underestiamte the determination of a man who has decided to work hard.

Its time to go. Take care and have a lovely day.