Friday, December 23, 2011


Hello guys I have been lazy that's y I haven't posted in a while... loll.
Saying welcome to my new followers. Thank you guys, you made my day.

Anyways my diet has failed: as my sister in law and her son came over and she has just been cooking up some delicious dishes. Even though I have succeeded in loosing one pound, I have learnt that when u are going on a diet, its nicer to be off people who aren't on a diet. Its easier to be motivated with people on the same page.

Anyways hope you'll getting ready for the christmas celebration...
I have decided to wear a green top and a white jeans.. I am also thinking of adding some red shoes to the outfit. Trying the color blocking stuff. I hope I don't look like a clown. Will check it out before I leave the house..loll.

Anyways take care of yourself and merry christmas you'll.



  1. .... you are right, dieting around people that are not never works out.

    Eat and be merry this christmas dear! Happy Holidays.

  2. @9jaFOODie i will just do that and start my diet next year..loll.

  3. Please start next year dear,for now just enjoooooooooooooY :) . happy Holidays.

  4. It would take a lot of determination to be on a diet especially this season. Lots of yummy looking dishes everywhere. :-D. You go girl on the color blocking thingy. Sure you will look fab. Post the pixs ooo. Have a wonderful celebration.

  5. Wrong time of the year to start a diet, me thinks. Merry Christmas.

  6. @DIDI I will start next year my brother.
    @Che thank you. I will take pictures and post them dearie. don't worry.
    @Wendel very true.
    Merry Christmas dearies.

  7. yeah really wrong time of the year to start the dieting thing... enjoy the season, wine and dine with pleasure..and have yourself a merry merry christmas!

  8. Lol at looking like a clown.
    Your post reminds me of my aunt in UK. Her goal was to fatten me up so my mum would not say I 'suffered' in her house. I just ended up having a bloated stomach, which took me about 2 month to detoxify.
    You'll be alright.

  9. @Tamie thank you.
    @ilola loll your aunty is very funny.