Thursday, December 2, 2010

Social Network

Hi everyone, I need to write this cos my head is on fire. I just saw this film Social Network, the story about how facebook started and how it became famous and I am like......are you kidding me, really.....what does Mark Elliot Zuckerberg have in his brain, that I do not have. How come he became billionaire, accidentally or unaccidentally, it doesn't matter now....loll..... because from what I saw this guy didn't even know what he was dealing with... Oh my God... Please someone help me before I loose it...loll....

I need to make money and I need to make it genuinely. I don't want the money our politicians and so called fathers of this nation have stolen, I want real genuine money. I want people to know me for generating wealth through the right source and helping people around me and communities.

Really the way I feel right now, is like I shouldn't sleep at all. In fact the more I sleep the more I waste time... Abi what do you think?

Men...... I know this thing for sure God made all men equally and has deposited in each of us talents, no matter the race or the color. So we just have to fish them out and use it, it doesn't matter what country you come from or what's your nationality. I know one thing: hard work, brings reward. It may take years but one day we will all reap what we sow..

For now I bid you farewell for I am going into my covers to think of my ideas, ideas that will bring me billions of dollars and make me famous...loll...

P.S: take care and please always think positively for anyone can be the next Mark Elliot Zuckerberg or even better.....


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  1. Haha. Dont let your head sizzle. I havent watched the movie, but this much I do know, alot of businesses that have made people millions - correct that - billions, really started with a basic concept, sometimes just for their own convenience to do something that someone or something else cant do for them. Youtube for instance or remember back in the day Napster, started by some chap in his basement over a 24 hours period. He basically changed the music industry although ultimately it crushed him.

    The one dude I keep shaking my head about is the guy that came up with the concept of the internet. If he had copyrighted his invention, he would be a whole lot wealthier than Gates !!!

    One day when something pisses you off, and you decide to figure out a better way to get it done, u just might have struck that goldmine.