Saturday, November 27, 2010


Hello guys and whats up? I hope we are all chilling and relaxing this weekend, cos I am. Before I say ciao this week, I will like to say a big HELLO to our new members Chinny and sue's corrner.

All My followers: thank you for being supportive, with your comments and suggestions..

Now back to the topic of the day " Family"......yesterday I went to Covenant University in Otta for my little cousin's matriculation, it was a blast. As we sat down eating, gisting, taking pictures and laughing, I thought to myself " having a strong, close, loving, dependable family is one of the best things in the world. Secondly the joy in my cousin's face when he saw his family was indescribable. The feeling is inexpressable and not even money can replace that feeling....

Over the years I have learnt that a strong family is the bedrock of the society, and this is very true. Children brought up in stable, loving, dependable families grow up to be confident, ever ready to conquer any obstacle in their way.

Despite the extensive reports about the importance of family, a lot horrible things have been attributed to the family unit, like: " Brothers against brothers, sisters killing mothers, fathers abusing daughters...etc......

For me: " I will give anything to bring that feeling to the lives of my love ones, or anybody that comes my way.. What about you?

Notez bien:

I know that everything successful must have taken a lot of extra effort to get it that way. If we want a stable and fantastic family, we should start now to work at it. Sacrifice that extra time and pay your brother or his family. Give your sister the beautiful dress she has always wanted. Call even if it's just to say Hi or send a text message......

"These are the little things that mean the most in life"....

Take care and have a fantastic weekend.



  1. to me you are family. thanks for being a sister. i finally wrote on my blog 2day after about 8mnths. 2 pple i owe this to, my husband and you. you both kept encoraging me.
    thank you, inspiring lily. you are true.

  2. family means the world to me .Some of my biggest motivation comes from my family . i always wonder what the transition from my family(my mum and three younger siblings) to my future family(husband n kids) will be like. im so attached to these guys i sometimes cant imagine having to leave..hihiihi.silly me.