Wednesday, March 9, 2011

My Personal Love Story

Hello everyone I decided that today is the day I tell my personal love story as I am a romantic at heart..loll...
Since I didn't do any love piece in February I decided that I should do this...

How do I start..well I will just talk....

When I finished University in 2006 I decided to work for a photo studio called "Proshots" in Port Harcourt. I applied and was employed for the post of a photographer...(yes I am a photographer, dropping my secrets little by little.. don't worry as you get to know me, you get to know my secrets)

I started working at the studio, it was hectic but it was beautiful. Learning about photography was a new world for me and I enjoyed the gift it gave me. The owner of the photo studio was a young bobo called Bolaji. He sure was tall, dark & Handsome, but I wasn't tripping and just saw him as a bloke (hmm did I say that). Being a photography guru and working at the same time as an engineer, he always made it his business to check the studio out after his day job. Always coming into the studio and asking me how my pictures were, teaching me at the same time...

My life very nice, interesting and lovely, by the way I had a bobo whom I had built castles in the air with. Months after I started working he broke up with me, cos he was cheating. Even though I decided to give US another opportunity he said he didn't want to, so I let it be... It wasn't easy at all, I just had to move and I found solace in my job which helped....

After months of working and dealing with my heart, my Oga started showing signs of something... I say oh boy wat's up? Until one day he spilled the beans.
He told me that he had been attracted to me from the first day he saw me, he just wanted to be sure that it wasn't just a crush so he had taken his time, observing me and waiting...

ahhh I say go abeg how can you say you are attracted to me and you want something more.. I work for you...
What will people say when I get promoted, which I was due for.
Moreover, go you are from Yoruba, I am Rivers, you are the first child and son, haba, your parents will want you to marry your own....

My dear I fought it until I found my heart beating anytime I saw him walk through the door. That moment I knew I was in trouble oh... me in love with my boss....

The more I fought it the more amused he was and he was loving every bit go it, for him, he wasn't ashamed or afraid to profess his love for me to everybody.

Oh and when he kissed me for the first time I said OH God hold me so I don't something I will regret... You see I was determined to wait till I got married and men that kiss almost blew my resolve, but I kept it all the same...loll

Enough of my long talk, I hope I didn't bore you...
The bottom line is that I married the bobo oh, my Oga, my boss and I have DONT regretted it...
e is the love of my life and he has made me see that Nigerian men aren't stiff, brutal, unromantic, selfish brute they are characterized by, but that they can be selfless, romantic, nice, soft, caring... cos of him I am confident doing anything I LIKE. He believes in my dreams. He believes I am a fantastic writer even though I haven't found a publisher to accept and love my work. He believes I am the best cook even though I hate cooking and subject him to Indomie every now and then (loll). He thinks I'll be the best mum in the world even though we don't have kids yet. He believes I am his best friend even though I don't act nice at times. He believes I will always be there for him, even though, sometimes things don't work out as he had planned. He believes I am a model even though I have to fight to keep my stomach from blotting out. Oh and I am the best dressed female he has ever meet, even though sometimes my sense of dressing my just consist of a polo shirt and a baggy jeans...
Oh I thank God I gave love a chance despite the awkward circumstances..

I hope you liked it...
For those who have a love story do share. For those who feel they can never have a love story, cos their life is messed up...that's so not true... I know one thing, there is always someone who will see through the mess and love you for who you are. Everyone in life deserves to be loved that is what I know..

Take care and have a nice day.


  1. its nice toget the full sweet .u and your oga

  2. Awwww, so sweet. Glad you found the 'IT'

  3. Ibifiri hmmmmm... loving the boss wow wow wow. They say if u want to mix business and pleasure then get a lawyer, in ur case u got a ring, a husband and home.

    I like the part that you kept ur resolve. God bless you

  4. This is the most heart warming story ever. Makes me looooong for a love like this. Lol
    But importantly, gives me a truckload of hope that there are great men out there and one is coming for me veery soon, disguised as a boss or some unlikely acquaintance or not.
    Thanks for sharing Phiri! God continue to keep your beautiful marriage :-)

  5. i love love-stories
    i wish u a happy married life
    n i hope those yet to find d right one wld. very interesting story babes

  6. beautiful.
    I'm glad you gave love a chance...happy married life !

  7. Awww, that's awesome:) I will tell you something about me now. I was in a terrible teenage domestic violence relationship that almost killed me in many ways. On one of our outings (crazy as he was) he stopped to pick up a hitchiker, which totally freaked me out at the time and still to this day is the only time I have been involved in picking up a hitchiker! Anyway, fast forward about five years...serindipitously, I start dating this great guy and we discover he was the "hitchiker" that day. I married him a year later, we have two daughters and we have been married ten years April 6th. And as they say, "Love heals all wounds."

  8. Aww...wat a beautiful love story!!! I'm happy for you...may your marriage continue to be all that it is, all that you pray for it to be and much more!!!

  9. Ibifiri, you know I love this don't you? It's just so 'un-touched'. It's real life. Real love...and by God's grace, lasting love.

    Love the message too.....Dont limit God with your views/opinions/preconceived notions....And girl, you should be self-publishing by now.....but in your own time....and more importantly, God's.


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  11. awww....a real love story. Keep enjoying your marriage

  12. I have just tagged you in the One Lovely Blog Award. Check my blog to claim it

  13. I cant stop saying 'awwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww'That was a very romantic story, and Im glad you guys got married. Im writing my own love story in my heart and i hope to tell it someday :) Im your nu follower :)

  14. What a lovely love story. Thanks for sharing.--Inger

  15. :)...war between loving the boss or not! Totally looove the realness of this story and your boldness to put it all out there, thats what sets a true writer aside, bringing a story home that people can relate with! I am happy for you and i do sense the connection between you two when i see you guys together. God bless you both and multiply your efforts in every circumstance and desire in Jesus name.

  16. awwwwwwwwwww
    so so sweet. May God's grace keep you xoxoxo

  17. thanks all ha chinny didn't knw u sensed a connection loll.
    tanks inger
    sisi yemmie nice to meet you. thanks for becoming a follower..
    Vyvyka thanks for stopping by
    Prism of an immigrant...i am so pleased you commented...

    Loving everyone and thank you once again.

  18. Je t'aime ton histoire d'amour.......#me showing off my french :).....wishing you both the best this life has to offer. Really lovely story

  19. Well dang, about your story and the compassion fashion project story. you just never know when true love will come and in what form!!! I got goose pimples :)

    I have a love story too but it's not yet complete. Hopefully, in time....

  20. hmmmmmm,i love love post!

  21. Awwww, i love; i love
    So that's the story :-)... so romantic.
    Way to go gal!!!!
    May you both always find joy in each other

  22. awwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww I love it,,

    I pray God will never stop blessing your union and marriage... thanks for sharing and giving a testimony...... so cool

  23. I can't believe I'm just reading this now. So sweet!

  24. i know i am very stale but this is so sweeeet!

  25. Awww coz this is such a beautiful love story.....can't believe I'm just reading this....nice one