Thursday, June 24, 2010

The Secret Millionaire

Flipping through the boring channels i stumbled on BBC Knowledge, the program "the secret millionaire" was on. If you don't know about this program let me explain it a little. : " a rich man or woman, usually a multimillionaire, go undercover to a very poor area in the U.K and look for people they can help. When they finally make their choice and give out money, you see the reaction on the people's faces. They cannot believe their luck or blessings. The episode i just watched, the millionaire Kevin former M.D. of Rover gave a homeless charity organization 150,000 pounds to build homes for homeless families, i can go on and on..
Seeing this makes me ask myself, how can people be so good? What are our rich people in Nigeria, in Africa doing with their money? What are you doing with yours? One must not wait till one is a millionaire to make a difference in someone's life. Look around your neighborhood, your community, you will find someone in need.
Do something nice this week, help someone in need.

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