Sunday, October 24, 2010

Another Sunday

Hi everyone, before I say anything more let me use this opportunity to welcome Seun Idowu & Ibiene Fubara into the family, thank you for being a follower and becoming a member of the secretlilies family.
Now back to another sunday: Today I had a mind blowing experience with God. I learnt that forgiveness is the key to moving on in future...even if this is true how then can one forgive, is it easy?
How is it possible to forgive the father that was never there for me. The father that cheated on me and my mother. The father that one could never trust, or the mother who dumbed me in the dustbin as a baby...How can I?

How is it possible to forgive the man that raped me when I was 8 years. How is it possible to forget about the whole experience. He says I should forgive him but how, because of him I cannot understand what men, sex or the world. Because of him I am sick and tired of people telling me that I have to let go, forgive, and it will be okay with me...I am sick and tired of men, they hurt you, in fact it is in their nature to hurt the women and children.... How can I really?

Life is just so unfair, how can the police man that killed my son be set free. They didn't even do anything about it. They only just changed his department and left me grieving alone. You see Gbenga, my son was my only hope. He was all I had after his father left us..How then could he just be dead like that? How could God just let him die? They said he was a thief, but my son can never steal, he was on his way to our shop to help me with our daily sales, when the police man picked him up. My son begged and told the police man that he was only just going to help his mother. The drugged policeman insisted that he was a thief, took him to the cell, one thing led to another, he was killed.... Now ask me how should I forgive this man?

This world is a broken place, there is a lot of hate in the world, betrayal, injustice. All these creep in and form as peoples characters, carrying their guilt, shame, hatred, hurt everywhere they go, inflicting the people around them... Psychologist try their best to help, but how far can they go.......

Listening to people, reading about their experiences and feeling their hurt, I know one thing forgiveness and letting go is so difficult. We have to forgive all those we feel have hurt us in other to become better people in life....

N.B: I am on the pathway to forgiveness, I can tell you sometimes I still want to keep the anger, revenge, but it is easier to forgive and let go... After all my goal in life is to be a better person and show love to all around me......
Take care and please join me in the pathway to forgiveness

Enough of these emotionally stuff its time to party...Yesterday was my husband's birthday and we had a lovely time...I even realized that I love my bobo so much, loll. The enjoyment still continues as tomorrow the 25th of October is my wedding anniversary.....2 years of a blissful married life...
Trust me when you marry the right person, you will blossom like a beautiful red rose.



  1. Thanks for welcoming me, Ibifiri. I love to read blogs like yours. It was truly a healing service in church and I wished that some and my friends and family memebers were around to learn about forgiveness and the healing u=it brings to oneself. May God teach us all to forgive.

    Awwwwww! So cute! Please say hello to your husband! I'm so looking forward to marriage.Happy Anniversary today! May God continue to give you reasons to be joyous.

  2. Seun thank you very much for your comment and yes everybody really needs to forgive in other to move on in life. I read some of your writes up and you don't do badly at all, I love what I read.
    Thank you for the congratulation...will surely enjoy myself today. It is sure good to get married and to the right person. Don't worry it will not be long your beautiful marriage will come.
    Please feel free to ask me any questions from marriage to business to lifestyle. When I can't get a ready answer will look for a good source for you.
    Take care and have a lovely week.

  3. its god to see young married people like you. enjoy .hope to join the crew sometime. thanks for visiting my page