Monday, June 18, 2012

Random Musings


I have been AWOL for a while, guess I just needed to sort out my emotions, but I am back again. First of all I will like to say thank you to, for giving me an award. I am so sorry that I haven't done anything about it and still not even sure what to do about it. Nevertheless I am so grateful and a big hug goes to you.

Now back to what's on my mind right now. I need a few suggestions. There is a writers competition I want to enter. I have to write short stories for this category : 8-11 0r 12-15years old. I don't really know what to write, can anyone help me? Give me some suggestions? Trying to see if I can write about a superhero but hey how will I start? My forte is romance, but how will I write about romance where is concerns kids? Will that be considered appropriate for a kid's novel? Even though by 8 years old I was reading Mills and Boons and The James Hadley Chases. Do children read that?

Will really appreciate your comments and work on it.

Secondly i will try and send some excepts of the novel I am working on and will like your feed backs. I am so shy and afraid about this one, but I just have to do... I have told a lot of people that I am a writer, but I don't think there is anything to show for IT...sighs.. I have to step up my game if you know what I mean..

Time to call it a wrap, will chat later...

P.S. I am patiently waiting for your suggestions. Thank you.



  1. What about an adventure for the kids stories?

  2. Hope you‘re doing‘re welcome. Take your time
    I‘ll go with myne‘s suggestion

  3. Hope you‘re doing‘re welcome.
    Take your time
    I‘ll go with myne‘s suggestion

  4. On "showing" you are a writer; I'd suggest you keep seeking avenues to develop your writing. Your blog is one aspect. Choose a niche you want to focus on and let people know you by that niche.

    I'd go with Myne's suggestion on what to write for the kids :)

    - LDP

  5. Children should be fed stories with moral leassons so i'll suggest you write about family, creating things or helping others/superhero.

    Family - a child who is hardworking, making straight As despite the poverty in the village

    Creating things - a child who mummy spanks for destroying 'things' but ends up as an engineer or the child who is blind but is teaching himself to play the piano

    Superhero/helping others - self explanatory

    Just make sure there's fun and lessons to be learnt from the theme.

    How to start - create a present day scenario and have a flash back!

    1. I agree with P.E.T Projects. Children need stories with moral lessons.

      All the best

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  7. moral lessons.., a little bit of humor(kids love to laugh cos they tend to get bored easily), make your characters come to life, let them feel the characters and associate with them(children love to tag themselves trust me)
    superhero and a supervillian... covers face(i still watch animation till date and a little bit of enid blyton should help you. I loved enid blyton as a kid cos it was full of investigation or rather adventure and they want to solve a case..that sorta stuff
    i wish you the best and i hope you're better now kia