Wednesday, August 24, 2011


Today as I clicked on my twitter page I saw this tweet :

"If I can meet my beautiful wife, have 2 children and be massively successful after being burned over 85% what can you do?"...

I couldn't help it, so I had to do a little research on the man called " PAUL V HARRIS"..
He was definitely burned.
He has a scared face, undergone a lot of surgery after a horrific automobile accident, which resulted in a prolonged stay at the hospital, and he was pronounced dead 3 times, while he was at the hospital.
He has been able to create his own good luck. Not only that he has also been able to motivate people, teaching them that fear is only a limitation. He says if I can do it you can TOO. He is an international coach, who is highly sought after. He has been a speaker for 17 years...

He kinda reminds me of our very own Cobhams Asuquo.. The last time I heard him speak, he said that his blindness was his legal right to take a bowl and stand by the road demanding for money, but he didn't do it cos he wanted something better in life.. So he used his disabilities for his own good. Today he is married, sings beautifully, a good sought after music producer. Instead of wallowing in self pity, he rose up from it and overcame the odds.

If people with disabilities can be able to use their disabilities for their own good, and make an impact in society: then what excuse do I have for not following my dream and making an impact on this earth?

I will like us to think about our lives.. What is it we would like to do?
is it to be a better colleague?
a better wife/husband?
a better parent
a good friend
the best entrepreneur ever
to take care of lost children?
to love God more?etc

Whatever it is, trust me you can do it.

Quotes from Paul V Harris: " Don't let anyone tell you what your limitations are"...

Note: for me I have decided to start my 4Th novel.. I have the story line already mapped out. Along the line I will definitely ask you guys for some advise and I know it will be worth it.

Do take care and have a lovely day.


  1. Very true. If disabled people can rise above their challenges, how much more those that are not. I recently watched a movie, soul surfer about a girl who lost an arm in a shark attack. It didn't stop her from surfing and realizing her dream and how much more people with two arms.

    All the best with your novel. will be on the lookout for it

  2. I have realised that disabled people,well some of them are usually able to see beyond their challenges and that motivates me a lot,I wish some people will see beyond their situations and make up their mind to take a step.I wish Paul greater heights and the happiness he so desires.
    Success with your novel.

  3. are so right!

    Good luck on your novel!!

  4. True talk. We really don't have any excuse. By the way, where can i get your novels? I didnt know you have already written three.

  5. @stelzz wow will look for the movie and see it. very motivating.
    @gretel i also wish that people will see beyond their situations, it will change a whole lot.
    @Blessing thank you. I will continue to write.
    @Deolascope i have written 3 unpublished books..loll.. just hoping and wishing that one day mine will be published.

  6. True Talk!!!
    Wish you all the best with your novel. Can't wait to read it.

  7. Now that is real talk. People with physical disabilities overcome massive challenges but they demonstrate over and over and challenge fellow humans that anything the mind conceives and believes in then the body can achieve.
    Good luck with the novel and thanks for stopping by FBI :-)

  8. Man! I find this so inspiring and it's true! God created us and blessed us with all these attributes and in my case I continually let fear and laziness prevent me from reaching my full potential. I thank you for sharing this.

    All the best with your 4th novel!

  9. Looking forward to your next novel. I also follow Paul Harris and find his tweets really great.