Wednesday, May 1, 2013


Hi everyone I hope we all enjoyed the one day bank holiday...for me I did... I had been thinking of how I was going to make it to the book reading today, as you all know Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie was reading from her new book "Americanah" at Patabah bookshop in surulere. Since the owner of the bookshop is a friend I had called in earlier asking for a signed copy, thank God I did cos by the time I got there the paperback was almost all gone.

The book shop was so full inside and outside I couldn't believe what I was seeing. Like my friend said in her own words: "chei chimamanda has hammered". LOL...

I certainly got my book autographed by her and I was so excited. I must say she looks lovelier in person and yes she doesn't like Brazilian, Peruvian but Mehn!!!! does her hair look very healthy.

I asked a young man to please use my phone and record a few of the answer and question clips, as I had my darling Yosola with me, standing and sweating at the same time. Now this guy: I just don't want to call him names: he didn't do anything at all...pssssshhhhhh (sighing out loud).
Anyways these are some of the pictures I took...

I tried to get the picture of the guy standing behind her with the phone but couldn't... I think he is her manager or something... My dears she really has hammered..
People outside the bookshop.. all these books gone by the end of the event..

I am so tired now just loosened my hair and had a wash, want to settle in and begin reading the book, but can't at this moment, need to rest before my madam wakes up...

Do take care of yourself and have a lovely day

N/P: Stanbic IBTC just sacked 250 staff
Visa Phone just sacked about 60 staff... I hear for the Stanbic IBTC that this is just the beginning as they want to have more outsourced staff and less permanent staff...

Hmmm I can't imagine what the families, that were affected by this would be going through.. I just pray for them that they will find the courage to see this through.

N/P ;

Please check this link out.. Temi was asked to write a post about how he supports me with my natural hair journey and this is what he wrote.. I hope you enjoy it.



  1. A reminder for us all to pursue our goals and make good use of our talents. Everyone sure has at least one!.
    Good one, Thanks!

  2. Lol! @ the guy who did not record anything! At least you got some photos which I enjoyed. Thanks for sharing!

    I have a feeling that even if Chimamanda just sneezes into a book, I will probably still buy it. Lol! She has got crazy talent but like Sola says above, so do a lot of us.....we just need to let the 'Voice' that God has given us speak o!

    Hugs to 'Madam' and greetings to 'Uncle'. Let me go and read his post now. Blessings on you!

  3. And just read 'Uncle's post. 'What a guy' is all I can say! I am sure you know that anyway. He has even got me thinking of doing natural too! But I shall have to scrap off all my hair first and the last time I did this, my kids broke into tears when I went to pick them up from school all freshly bald! Lol! Was too funny and sad all at the same time!

    1. thank you and yes i know it. lol@ your kids breaking down crying. maybe this time you should have a talk with them before scraping it off

  4. I'm officially't mind me. Thank God you got a copy. I heard about the crowd and the running out of books at the reading. Yes oh, she has really hammered.

    I'm counting down to saturday when I get to have my own signed copy too..:)

    Chimmy is a brilliant writer and she has really done well for herself.

    I read your husband's post and yes I enjoyed it. Couldn't help 'awww-ing'. You're one lucky woman.

    How's Yosola?.. I trust she's doing great..


    1. awww thank you. yes Yosola is fine and she is great. i still haven't gotten the time to read the book but i am sure i would over the weekend

  5. Awww, didnt know you would be there, I would have "contracted" you to get a copy for me. Chinamanda is looking really lovely and I mean the 'total package'

    On Stanbic and Visa phone, I read about it too. Its just so sad that the unemployment rate keep soaring everyday. I guess this will further encourage everyone gainfully employed today to not be complacent and always have a plan B.

    PS: Just read your hubby's post, beautiful piece. I'm inspired to go natural

    1. didnt know i would be there as well. my dear i just pray for the family and yes everyone needs a plan B. PLEASE GO NATURAL

  6. Wish I could attending such readings!

    Had read your husband's post and awww-ed away. Very nice and supportive!

  7. I am officially jealous, I missed all opportunities to go to any of her readings...I will just have to make do with the book without an to read the Mister's post.

  8. One day, we will get to this level

  9. Congratulations on meeting Chimamanda.

  10. Must have been a real great experience!

  11. Hi Ibifiri, thanks for visiting my blog. You got to see Chimamanda! Wish I could too :) Great pictures you got here.


  12. Aww, glad Chimmy's books are sold out. She deserves it. I love the Nigerian woman she represents.

    I read your Husband's hair post. big smile. You re one lucky woman. Ah well, he is one lucky man too :)

  13. Yes I am so glad for her and thank you

  14. awwwww, i love the natural hair post your husband wrote...i'm 8 months natural and i can get really impatient too sometimes but i'm doing my best to continue the journey.