Tuesday, August 9, 2011


Hmmm Karen what a character I must say.
Now that all the hype of BIG BROTHER is over I wonder what she must be doing now.
It's so funny I can remember when BIG BROTHER started almost everybody I knew including me couldn't stand Karen. We felt she was very local, bush, razz you name it. In fact there was one episode I watched where she was told to read out a task and she couldn't even read properly. All the housemates where laughing at her.
But along the line, I don't know what happened or how it happened, she became our love.
I must give it to her, she was everything I will not want in a woman.. Maybe my grandmother will be rolling in her grave at her unladylike manners, but at the end she won.

I picked up a very valid lesson and I will stick to IT:

"Despite what people thought of her, she stuck with being herself. She didn't care if the next person was going to criticize her or tell her she wasn't fit to be called a Nigerian. She was just KAREN with a large heart. You may not agree with me but I think its true. It got me thinking
Why am I always worried about what people will say?
Why should their opinion of me put me in misery?
If I am not myself then who am I deceiving? Really who?...

I remember when I went to have a haircut and I told the barber I wanted a Mo hawk I was so scared and so ashamed to walk out of the salon. My mind racing wondering what people would say about me?
Will they think I am very unruly or will they think I am not a christian or will they think I am a unserious?
All these thoughts and more ran through my mind... after taking control of my thoughts, I became in charge and said " to hell with what anybody thinks"...

You will not believe, but everybody likes my hair.
They say I have guts and courage. They say I am bold.
They say I have defied the rules and regulations of being married,
but I say I am just being me.

You no what? I have learnt that even if I have a hair cut, or I have a weave, people will still love me or hate me. I should be myself and enjoy this life for it is too short to be ruled by the misery of others.

N/B : my "to do list"
From last week monday till today: I have read 6 novels. 3 by Sandra Brown very interesting author her books are a melange of romance and suspense, and I love it.
Myne Whiteman's book " a love rekindled". I can't help loving it. I love that the twin brothers could tell each other's thoughts. I am in love with twin boys.
Still struggling with the non fiction book: the one about "social media". That is taking a lot of my patience..loll..

I wrote my article.
I didn't send in my CV cos I thought about it, and not sure that's what I want to do.
I didn't post every day on my blog cos MY Internet was acting up which gave me a big excuse to be lazy.
I have finished 1 of the baby afghan(blankets).....

New to do list asap.

I guess it's good to set task, one way or the other you kinda come around to it.

Do take care of yourself and have a lovely day.


  1. simple fact of life, I honestly think if we all see life this way we will be happier.." the people that will hate you will no matter WHAT" it's that simple.
    LMAO "she was everything I will not want in a woman" she is indeed a character.

  2. That's one important lesson everyone should learn. I'm sure if she had relegated and gone into her shell, she would never have won. In the process, her large heart and love for people was discovered too.She kept it real and eventually won.And that counts for something.

  3. Lovely. I didn't watch Big Brother so I don't know much, apart from the name, of this wonderful lady who is 200kusd richer!
    But thank God for the lessons you learnt. I have read enough now to believe that if you do not love yourself first, then you are a nobody because the feelings/thoughts of others will always rule you. Imagine being tossed to and fro by what people think of us...miserable life!
    Mais, j'aime que tu as commence a faire les task! Cela aide, felicitation

  4. The one good thing about getting older is that you seriously dont give a toss what anyone thinks about you.

    The only opinions I truly care about now are my kids'

  5. I did not even watch the show and have never watched it, but I heard about Karen via various social media. I guess one lesson to be learnt is that the way one thing starts out is not necessarily the way it will end.

    Meanwhile, cheers on your mohawk and not caring about what people think. In the end, only God's opinion counts and as long as He approves, why should you care?! Rock on!

  6. @9jafoodie loll she sure was a character.
    @stelzz so true.
    @zouzou so on point. and its so sad a lot of people don't love themselves.
    @N.I.L very true.
    @The relentless builder i love your name. Thank you.

  7. So true!! I don't watch big brother but I'm all for having the courage to stand out and be yourself. Brings to mind what Joel Osteen preached...everyman is created with his unique personality...well equipped for his journey in life.
    Take for instance the music industry; I see so many talented pple on air who are not bold enough to rep. what they feel.(power to my girl Nneka)
    As for your hair,Big UPs!!Like you, I worried bout what pple will think . I got fed up and cut it off myself when i got no encouragement. Thinkin that would give me liver...it did not!! I felt horrible each time a person stared too long or made some negative comment about my mane. Today I've blown that away. I think maturity helps you sheank what the world thinks. 2yrs and some months later I'm soooo happy I was bold enough to take that step!!

  8. I'm totally with you on doing exactly what you want to do. I've spent too much time in my life caring what people will think, what people will say etc, it's a prison, life sentence with hard labour because whatever you do, people will choose to hate or love you. And you can never please everybody anyways, so it's best to be YOU. I'm on a campaign for individuality right now, so this post is over apt.
    And your mohawk? It's just refreshing to have someone in my life who has a mohawk and not brazilian hair!

  9. Hello,
    I wanted to stop by and thank you for the lovely comment you left on The Compassion Fashion Project about Think magazine. Feedback is always appreciated regardless of whether it's good or bad. I hope you will keep on the issues, and maybe it will encourage you to look at sustainable design a little closer.

  10. You're so right, I read the article by Dele momodu and I was nodding.

    Funny, Nitty Gritty was talking about the same thing on her blog. I say just do you.

    Kudos on you afghan...

  11. I gave up a long time ago trying to please other people...it's not worth it. I have always tried to live by this old saying, "Do not let your happiness rely on others...you will be endlessly disappointed." So, since then I am always pleased when someone does something lovely and never mind the negative:-) Mohawk??? Go girl! xoxo~Meredith

  12. You can never get it wrong by being urself. Even if you're 'razz', people will appreciate it, believe me...

  13. @Natmane very true and I Love Joel Osteen.
    @mystylefest individuality is the best. And I am also on that campaign.
    @Jacqueline Carlisle thank you.
    @Myne Whiteman will definitely check the blog out.
    @Meredith thanks and it is so true. You are a darling.
    @Deolascope so true. if one is razz people will still love them.

  14. Ah, i did a post on Karen too. we got off on a wrong footing but i loved her large heart. she was just a good person and that was what africa saw. i'm glad Africa gave her a chance to show us the person inside.

    Lesson learnt: Do you!