Saturday, July 3, 2010


Hi whats up? special eyah to Ghana for losing yesterday night, they should have not let Uruguay to equalize, in the first place. Anyways welcome home, you did a good job never the less. Now back to the main topic of today: I am doing something that has to do with the Niger Delta Basin and The Amazon Basin. I have found out that but basins are very similar in mammals, resources, terrain, rain forest, oppression and let me add now insecurity. As i studied the Niger Delta basin, something struck me, i was amazed at all the natural resources available in that basin, untouched and untapped. One of the resources that struck me was the Mangrove Pulp.
The Mangrove Pulp is a substance that is used for the production of paper, and do you want to know what it is being used for, as of today? it is being used for as local firewood. You can imagine the waste!!!! In my research i found out that a sample had been sent to a German company, after which the German company proposed coming to set up a factory/ office for the production of paper in Niger Delta, but like everything in Nigeria, till today as we speak nothing has been done concerning that. My question is this, if we have so much natural resources then why are we only concentrating on one? Why are we killing ourselves and causing insecurity because of it? Why is the country divided because of our precious black gold?
A geologist told me that they were told that in Nigeria, there isn't any natural resources on this earth that cannot be found, if looked for. It may not be in large quantities but at least they can be found. Now my question: "what can we as individuals do to change our nation? Because from what i have seen the government, is a forgotten issue, our parents era is over and it is time for us to take up the staff and right the wrongs our parents, fore fathers, presidents, politicians have done. Maybe someone reading out there can cash into the idea of bringing back the German company for the production of paper, despite the odds. Think of what it will do for our nation and the Niger Delta basin.
Before i get of for my weekend off, i will like to chip in something" i stumbled on an advert: "vacation in the Amazon rainforest". "Family vacations in the amazon forest, learn to live the life without civilization". For me my idea of a vacation will never be an experience in a rainforest, looking at wildlife and mammals, but those vacation resorts are making a fortune. Why can't Niger Delta be a tourist haven for all the crazy tourists who love adventures?
P.s "i pray for the black gold, our curse to dry up so that our senses can be put to use in the name of Jesus".

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