Monday, July 12, 2010


Hi it been a while, i have been so busy, sorry for leaving you guys alone with a word. Anyway I am back once again. In future I will like to talk about money and making money, but not for today. In the mean time I will like to say the world cup is finally over and Spain deserves to win the cup. I just wish one of the African countries took the cup home. But, oh well it took Spain years to get here and I know that : so long as there is life there is hope. Who knows what will happen in Brazil 2014....
Now I will like to tell you a little secret, its about marriage. This thing that they say opposite attracts I feel strongly that it is very true. I have observed my husband for a while and I have come to realize that, we both have too love whatever the other person loves. That's the sacrifice about it. Now let me talk about channels, my husband loves National Geographic Channel, Discovery Channel, Animal Channel and the likes. I can not stand all those channels to me they are boring and to stiff. Now guess what channels I like...please don't laugh at me and I don't think its my I love Disney Channel, Cartoon Network, Universal Channel, TV5 and the likes. My baby can't stand it for one second and he cannot comprehend it. But you know what, we have come to an agreement. We watch what each other likes, just in other for us to be together. Even though I have to sleep through his Discovery Channel days or him mine we do this cos in marriage with all our difference, we have to make sacrifices. Differences come with shhhhhhhhhhhh please don't let him know I told
Ciao and Happy new week.
P.S: Learn to love your spouses differences its worth the while.

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