Friday, September 17, 2010

See Me See Wahala

Hmmm my friends I am confused and I will like your opinion..... Yesterday night at about 7pm I was driving out of the Palms, when I spotted a young guy, handsome, tall dark etc you know the features now, lol, hold on I forgot to add, well dressed, but there was a but, he was wearing sunglasses.........

Now my dear friends, I had to triple check to be sure that I as saw the guy. How could he be wearing sun shade or sun glasses at that time of the night?

With all curiosity, I consulted my dictionary and he told me that the meaning of sunglasses or sun shades as some people call it is a : " glasses tinted to protect the eyes from sunlight or glare"......

So tell me where was the sunlight at 7pm in the night or the glare?

Why do we wear things in the name of fashion and not know the meaning or how and when it is being used?

A lot of us copy a lot of things we don't even know their origin, whether good or bad.

I think if I am to wear a dress I need to know when it is appropriate. For example wearing a dinner gown to the movies, that is a big NO.

What about wearing a party dress for shopping or a mini skirt on an okada.... lol....i know you are laughing but a lot of people wear rubbish, all in the name of fashion.

Despite the fact that fashion is growing and becoming more creative by the day, we should learn to know what suits us, and when and where to wear certain clothes. I don't want to be wicked but a tiny little voice within me, wanted the young guy with the sunglasses to trip and fall,

Anyways its time for me to log out, I guess we will see next time....

P.S.. please stay tuned for some new exciting pictures about me having a lovely time....don't forget I am getting ready to hit the road.

Saying a big welcome to the new member of the secretlilies family, Remi. Thank you for following us and we hope you will learn a lot from us and we from you...
Have a nice day girl....


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