Thursday, September 23, 2010

Long Time

Hello dears its been a while and I am so sorry. I don't have regular internet so I tend to be lazy to use the unregular
Anyways like I said the last time i will give you the full gist about my life in Port Harcourt.
On sunday the 19th of September was my father's birthday and conincidentally the day he retired from the work force. We went to church, which was long and boring and I almost fell of the pews due to sleep...(God please forgive me, lol).

Because of the long service we snicked out of the church to go have lunch.... the long awaited lunch. As soon as I saw the food I dropped my diet in the trash bin and ate like a starving child.

I know you are wondering why all these details, don't worry, all this is just to tell you that I had a lovely time.

Our lunch made me realise that there is nothing like family.....A good family is the bedrock of the society.

If you don't have strong family ties you have to do a recheck of your life and goals.
Notez Bien: it was said somewhere a while ago that the secret to long life is a strong and loving family.

Take care of yourself and will chat later.... I need to go now, my friend is preparing healthy Indomie for me.


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