Sunday, October 3, 2010

Happy Birthday Nigeria

Nigeria just celebrated its independence about 2 days ago, october 1. Everybody has asked what have we done in the past 50 years. What developpement has been attributed to this great Nation? No good roads, no electricity, poverty rate is high, corruption rate is high, the educational system is failing. So what good thing has happened in Nigeria?

The good thing about Nigerians is that despite the struggle and frustration in the country the citizens strive to become better, to have a better and more comfortable life. According to statistics Nigeria is one of the largest world emerging power in the world.... Is this a good thing for us? Or are they just pulling our legs? The telecommunication sector in the country is one of the fastest growing in the world. How a country where the poverty rate is high.


A lot of the Nigerians work without pay. A lot of them leave on less than 300 dollars annually, that is about 40,000 Naira. Nigeria is rated one of the most corrupt nations in the world. Not until recently we were rated a terriorist country because of the attempted bombing of the Nigerian, 25th december.

But for me despite all these stumbling blocks, like I love to call them, I still have hope.

I have hope like Martin Luther King. One day I know that Nigeria will change.

I know one day my children will be proudly declare that they are Nigerians.
I know that one day, we will have uninterrupted power supply.
I know that one day there will be good roads all over the Nation.
I know that one day there will be an end to ethnic discrimination and strife.
I know that one day Nigerian products will be exported all over the world like Chinese products today.
I know that one day Nigeria will truly become one of the worlds strongest power, where everything works.
But till that day comes, I will not seat down and criticized Nigeria, instead I will try and do the best I can do for my Nation.
This is my solemn pledge so help me God.

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