Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Two & A Half Men Debuts Today Without Charlie Sheen

Hello everyone...Just here again to share my thoughts.
Browsing through twitter I saw this tweet about "Two and a half men airing today finally but without its lead actor Charlie Sheen.
Why I asked myself ?
So I went on a research rampage.

Apparently Charlie Sheen had been into drugs, women, insubordination, wild parties hat affected his acting, forgetting his lines, etc. Someone even said he was full of himself.
Another person said he felt that he was king and he couldn't go wrong.

My question how can one think he is indispensable?
From experience I have found out that nobody is indispensable. If you are not there they can always find another person and a good one at that.

Another question: Why will someone throw away one of the best paying jobs in the world? In fact he had the highest paid acting job on TV. I heard that every time the show was aired he was being paid a million dollars... OMG...

Help me before I collapse. How can someone be earning that amount of money? What happened to me?
Does he have two heads or two nose or something? (Anyways this is another story for another day).

But why will he throw this away...
It's so sad.
As much as I feel he deserved what he got I still feel sorry for him cos this is a case of losing one's opportunity and you know the thing about opportunities they hardly ever come back.

I still can't get over the million dollars he used to earn. This one is what my grandmother will say: "they have sent it from his village. They do not want anything good to come his way".

Just a note to everyone.. No matter where we get to in life we should always remember that it can change in a second. Look at Charlie Sheen everyone loved his part, at least I did. Who didn't love uncle Charlie, but from today there is no more Uncle Charlie.....

God will help us not to waste Mr Opportunity when it comes our way.

Do have a good night's rest and take care of your self.



  1. Opportunities are very sacred...They must be taken seriously when offered else they slip out of your fingers like dry sand. Thanks for sharing.

  2. Well said. I hope he finds balance in his life.

  3. Very true about opportunities. I watched the show yesterday and it seems they did pretty well without him. No one really is indispensable

  4. The answer is when you are loaded a million dollars is nothing and you know you can make it again.

  5. When some people get so rich, life gets boring for them, so they feel like not being so rich again, i guess. does that make sense.lol. You could make even more money if you set your heart at it, just be perfect at what you do and never think you are indispensable

  6. Charlie had been warned a lot of times. The final straw was the public insult he gave to the producers. I guess he thought they could never do without him
    It is life and he'll be fine without them. They'll also be fine without him and it won't change the price of pepper in Bariga market.

  7. @deolascope thanks.
    @Myne Whitman i hope he does.
    @Stelzz u serious. cant wait to see the show.
    @Nollywood forever yep but if he doesn't get his act together he may never be able to get it.
    @sugarcoated thanks i will always remember that.
    @ilola abi oh.