Saturday, March 6, 2010


Hello, everybody i am so sorry i haven't been in touch and i am very sorry about it, but i want to promise you that i will not stay away this long ago. I am here today to talk about some extraordinary news i just received a while ago. I found out that a woman in lagos who had been selling akara (beans cake) for a living, has been able to use this means to feed her children, pay their school fees (in good private schools), build her house and take care of herself. I asked my self how could this be? For me this is one of the most fascinating story i have ever heard. The woman said that she makes between fifteen thousand Naira to forty thousand Naira a day. How is this possible? if she makes let's say fifteen thousand Naira a day in a month she earns four hundred and fifty thousand Naira, that's the salary for an average oil company staff, she earns even higher than a banker. If she makes twenty thousand Naira a day in a month she earns six hundred thousand Naira, if she makes forty thousand Naira a day in one month she earns 1,200,000naira. Unbelieveable. There are a lot of incredible things happening in this country. If she makes that amount does she need to work for anybody? if you ask me i will say a big NO. Nobody is going to pay her that amount.
After listening to this story i am here to talk about the opportunities in this country. In spite of the corruption, the poverty, the fraud success sprouts out from corners one never sees.
I take my leave now. I am going to think of my life and the things i can do to make money. The insignificant things that are being over looked but very useful. I urge you to go and search for what you can do. Everybody has something insignificant that the creator has given, look for it and you will find it.
Please note this: " women are the best people to invest in".

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