Sunday, January 23, 2011

Stylish and VersatileBlogger Award

Hello everyone I have been patiently waiting for my friends to teach me how to link stuff but they still haven't gotten back to me. So I will just go ahead and do it the old fashioned way.

First of all I will like to say thank you to P.E.T. Projects, Prism of an immigrant, Yankeenaijababe for nominating me for the stylish and versatile blogger award. I am so honored and excited. I know I can remember thinking to myself when I saw the award that oh I wish I can get nominated and here I am a nominee....
Thank you people, I really appreciate.

Now 7 things about me

1. I am the first born out of 5 kids and I am the smallest in size, so a lot of people think I am the last.
2. Never liked french until I almost failed out in my 2nd year of uni, then I realized that hey girl your stuck with this and you have to make the best of out it...That's how I learnt how to speak, write and read french.

3. I know I am in love

4. I don't like to gain weight.

5. Strictly dreaming about my interview with Oprah and tyra Banks, I hope I get it.

6. Used to be bothered about my small boobs...

7. I love God...

I don't know if I know up to 15 blogs to recommend as a lot of them have already been given the award, but will mention the few I will like to nominate....

I think this all...thank you and will chat later.


  1. Hi Ibifiri,

    Congrats on your blog award! Thanks for stopping by my site and your kind comments.

    Chichi x

  2. So that's how u learnt french? The fear of failure paid off at last.

    Small boobs? LOl Im sure the Mr loves you just the way you are.

    P.S to link a page, click on the work you intend to link and fill in the URL.

  3. @Chichi thanks....not a problem at all.
    @P.E.T. he does..

  4. Looool@small boobs! Kudos girl for telling your bizness publicly just like i did! remember the story of 'toilet wipes' and baby wipes??hehehe.. Congrats on being nominated! Someday your works or face will be sought after, keep up the good work and thank you for nominating :)

  5. Chere soeur, Firi! You recommended my blog?? (wow wow!). What an encourager you are!
    The thing about French language, I doubt majority studied the language out of love for it, it is usually a course forced on you, or you take on as a last for it grows on it, almost never before...I took it on cos I had no choice and time was running out, and from day 1, I told it (yep, I told the language), dont care how, but am gonna make 'you' 'pep' talk ever. Never regretted it.
    I hope you win this award! Je t'embrase.

  6. You're fluent in French? Nice!!!

    Awwww @ you being in love *thumbs up*

  7. T.M , haaaaaaaa, i am laughing hard, don't worry you are not the only lady that is small , i weigh 48 and am as strong as a horse. As for the small boobs, thank God for it, will it not be absurd for a small body to shoulder such great responsiblity, petiteness is a gift, millions are dying at the gym to be like you.
    When I was in college , I took a elective course in French , and I didn't understand a sentence in it, you are brillant to have a B.A in ti.
    Never stop loving God, He's all we have , we are His special girls , always watching on us.i love your blog.

  8. @Chinny yes I did wash my dirty linen outside..loll
    @thumbs up zouzou, yeah you have a nice blog, just patience and spread the word you will watch it grow day by day as I have watched mine grow, and I am loving every bit of it.
    @Blessing thank you. Yes I am fluent in french, and yes I am so in love..
    @rahabmemoirs thanks and I love your blog too. Maybe one of these days we will chat over a bottle of coca cola.

  9. No 3 is a good thing, and hope No 5 materialises soon.

  10. Hey Phiri, congratulations and I'm tickled pink about my blog nomination, thanks gazillions ... Take care now.

  11. Hahaha....cant believe I missed it. Thanks for the mention (this has to prompt me to post more often wallahi!)
    Just sent you a mail on that know now *wink* *wink*